5 модных хобби для дождливого дня
What to do at the cottage when it rains?

5 модных хобби для дождливого дня

What to do at the cottage when it rains

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There’s nothing worse than arriving at the cottage hoping to spend
weekend on the nature, to fry shish kebabs, to play badminton or just
to lie with a book in a hammock — and get
in bad weather. Wait to be upset. Instead of the sad look on
wet garden through the rain-streaked window, do what you have heard
from friends, but until then just not get around.

5 модных хобби для дождливого дня


Photo: Fotodom.ru


The cottage is a perfect place for a debut
in this needlework genre.

Originally under the implied scrapbooking
just creating a great album for
storing clippings from Newspapers and magazines, about what, actually, speaks
title: scrap — cutting, book — book. Then the idea migrated
in the photo albums. Each photo in the album, made in the technique
needs to enclosed drawings, the same newspaper clippings and memorabilia
trifles. There’s a whole industry
producing accessories for the lovers and masters of this craft:
special albums, mounts, cutters…

We won’t need all that. We
scrapbooking will return to its original concept: the creation of the material
memories. Take one of the old books, which are found in abundance on
each cottage, glue, crayons. Take out of the box with small stuff
that has accumulated over the years of country life. River shell, chamomile flower,
pressed between the pages of the Soviet school textbook, newspaper clipping “True”
forty years ago – this is the life of your family in words and objects. Later
for many years your children will find this book of memoirs and, possibly, complement her,
if the country will once again be raining.

5 модных хобби для дождливого дня


Photo: Fotodom.ru


A hobby that is now at the height of fashion. Sketchbook,
albums, special paper, pencils, markers, crayons — in book
the shops there were whole departments that sell all sorts and not too
cheap supplies for sketching. All of this you already have, if you
what is called an advanced user. If not, it is worth remembering that
in fact, to practice sketching need three things: any paper, any
the subject of writing and your desire to draw. Because sketching is
drawing made anything on anything. To create these drawings
no need to have the talent of the artist, the main thing in the sketch is not
the photographic precision of the image, and mood. To learn the art
of sketching, maybe even those who have always believed that has not even
minimal abilities for drawing.

All of us one way or another
draw. Remember how many times you are in some boring meeting you
covered sheets of his Notepad simple patterns. Or painted
letters. Sketching — this is roughly the same, but at a more advanced
level. There are a set of techniques that allow you to turn the two
formless circle in a portrait, for example, dogs. View in
online video tutorial for beginners, take a pen and a notebook and draw
what I see in front of you. As you can. By the way, for many
people just started sketching out of boredom, he eventually became
in the profession. This amazing genre is becoming increasingly popular in
the professional environment. Try, suddenly it is your destiny.

5 модных хобби для дождливого дня


Photo: Fotodom.ru


Few cooks in the country a complex three-course meal.
Usually we bring the meat to be grilled, often marinated. But
some barbecues in the pouring rain. So, in the absence of open flames,
unlimited gas and the oven you can simply cut sandwiches, but you can
to hold the championship cooking rolls. Procured stocks of rice,
which probably lie somewhere in the cupboard from last summer
table mats and anything you find in the fridge — from cucumbers to
canned pink salmon. It does not matter if you do not have nori, pressed and
rolled in thin sheets of seaweed. Rolls can be done without them,
if only the rice was quite sticky.

Manufacturing technology
rolls are not as complicated as it may seem: on the Mat, put the sheet
nori, he laid out the cooled rice, top with filling, and all this
neatly rolled with the Mat to obtain a tight “sausage”
from Fig. The most interesting part — the filling. It is important to remember that the rolls are
not necessarily Japanese food, it’s just a form of submission. So instead of
wasabi you can use regular mustard, mayonnaise, adjika and everything,
what comes to mind. Toppings also can be very diverse:
mashed and seasoned with fresh green onions canned fish, crab
sticks, slices of young radish, wrapped in bacon — you are limited
only to your culinary imagination.

5 модных хобби для дождливого дня


Photo: Fotodom.ru


In a literal translation from Japanese “kusudama” means
“medicinal ball”. The tradition of this kind of origami dates back to ancient
the days when the kusudama was used for aromatherapy. In fact it is
volumetric figure of spherical shape, which is the result of
bonding the plurality of square sheets of paper, folded special
way. Cut ordinary white sheets with squares with sides five
cm, roll them into cones and glue into a ball. Here and ready your
first, the simple kusudama. Hang it to the ceiling or donate
friends, because the second name of the kusudama — the “ball of happiness”. In Japan
it is believed that self-made kusudama brings peace and

For making the kusudama only need paper, scissors,
glue and patience. In this genre of origami has its stars, but if you
just starting out, it is not necessary to threaten on complex models. Select
the scheme easier. By the way, the making of the kusudama is very useful
children: the process trains the ability to focus, patience and small
motor skills.

A Mat of braids

Photo: Fotodom.ru


Remember these touching
cloth mats that somehow always came Packed in with my grandmother’s
bed “with the knobs”? We long ago switched to all sorts of flooring,
carpets and in severe cases pensulia bamboo mats. But mats,
woven braids of fabric — a thing not
only nostalgic, but also eco-friendly, practical and, let’s face it,
awful cozy. Of course, you could hardly take them in a city apartment, but in the country they will serve.

the manufacture of these rugs you will need scissors, a needle and thread and
mountains of old clothes that you over the years were brought to the country, because to wear
it is impossible, and throw a pity. Everything is simple: the clothing is sorted
for color and fabric, cut into strips with a width of about 5 cm For
metering you can use an ordinary matchbox. On “noodles” from
old t-shirts sewn or tied knots in one long ribbon.
Before you begin to weave braids, tapes need to twist.

Pick up
ribbon colors and weave a braid, not too tight, but not quite
air. Note: if you want to make a round rug, pigtail
there should be one. On the Mat with a diameter of 1 meter is required pigtail length
70 meters. Do not worry, it only sounds scary, in reality this
the braid is woven over an hour. If desired the Mat is rectangular, the length of the braids
must be equal to the desired width of the Mat. The ends of the braids secure

Once the braids are ready, place them in the right
you shape and staple or stitching or ribbons sliced from the same
clothing, threading through them and fixing nodes.

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