46-year-old Jennifer Lopez has admitted that he used to hate my body

46-летняя Дженнифер Лопес призналась, что раньше ненавидела свое тело

The incomparable Jennifer Lopez is flawless on the cover of the British magazine DARE magazine.

46-year-old star once again proves to us that she easily could give odds to any young beauty. That only is the taut belly j-Lo, which could be seen even abs.

In an interview with the singer has told about the hatred of my body at a young age and that helped her cope with the complexes.

“I hated when my piece is called seductive, and often compared themselves with other women. I remember that I thought I was not thin because I have always been of the form” — says Lopez.

According to the star of the series “Shades of blue”, deal with complexes, we can do incredible work on yourself, both physically and morally: to Feel beautiful — this is a personal position. We must all look in ourselves what we like. This decision should not depend on how we look in comparison with other people. It is very important to work on yourself, to feel comfortable in your body and to radiate confidence. In this very dancing”.

If you still don’t know what to do to feel your confidence, follow the example of j-Lo and dance: “When I doubt in its beauty, I dance. Watching what is capable of my body. Feeling the rush of endorphins, my mood instantly becomes better. I’m still in the shower consider myself a dancer, and I love it”.

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