42-year-old Elena Zakharova bared stomach after childbirth

42-летняя Елена Захарова оголила живот после родов
Actress begging to reveal the secret of the “steel press”.

Elena Zakharova

Photo: @Instagram lenazaharova57 Elena Zakharova

While some young Actresses disappear for hours in the gym to return “doberemosya” form, Elena Zakharova six months after childbirth is photographed on the beach in Sochi in a bikini. This bold move is simple: a 42-year-old Elena nothing to be ashamed of! She’s already fully recovered after the birth of a child, so boldly shows your perfect figure.

Zakharova showed fans steel abs and slender legs. Needless to say that her appearance caused exclamations of admiration? Elena deservedly showered with compliments. Followers of the actress wondering what’s the secret to its slimness? However, fans of wasting time on guesswork: the answer to this question Zakharova not so long ago gave 7days.ru.

For the health of the daughter, whose name is Elena to reveal not in a hurry, she sat on a special diet for nursing moms. As a result of her diet lost the most harmful and high-calorie meals. However, very rarely Elena makes concessions and indulge themselves to delicious desserts.

“I’m sitting on a special diet, because breastfeeding my baby and can’t afford is bad enough, — said Elena in an interview. But from the sweet can not refuse, really love it. So eat a lot, hence the extra pounds, which not everyone notices”