31-летний Криштиану Роналду собрался жениться

Several years with Irina Shayk Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t enough to get the model married. But four months since 21-year-old fashion model Georgina Rodriguez him was enough to associate with her fate.

Western media recently broke the message that the 31-year-old was going to marry.

They say that the way to end bachelor life Cristiano inspired mother: Maria Dolores usually wary of the passions of the son, but Georgina was no exception. By the way, is scheduled and expected date of the celebration: wedding planning on hold in the summer of 2018. We think it will be a feast for the whole world!

Recall the relationship Cristiano and Georgina became public in the fall of 2016, shortly after during one of the matches in the middle of a verbal sparring Ronaldo shouted to his opponent that he was “gay, but in the money”.