30-year-old daughter Saltykova, a change of hair color, was a copy of mom

30-летняя дочь Салтыковой, сменившая цвет волос, стала копией мамы
Fans are delighted that Alice has regained its natural beauty.

30-летняя дочь Салтыковой, сменившая цвет волос, стала копией мамы

Irina Saltykova

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Irina Alisa

Photo: Instagram

The daughter Irina Alisa celebrated their day
birth. It’s hard to believe, but the girl was 30 years old. “The anniversary of my daughter celebrated with dignity in a beautiful restaurant in London,”
said the singer.

Fans of the star congratulated her on this important event, and was amazed how Alice was like her mother, succeeding
hair color in blonde. But some time ago it seemed incredible that
Alice, who is a rock singer, can return to color
hair, given to her by nature. However, fans have agreed in opinion that to be
blonde Alice is much more. Irina Saltykova has confirmed that it is indeed
a change of image, not an old photograph.

Alice for some time differs from mother not only chic
the hair chestnut color and the multitude of colourful tattoos, which
incidentally, the fresh picture of the girl was not seen. During
performances the young singer with tattoos on back and arms, in a daring leather
trousers and ethnic style in clothing in General, looked more than organic, and Irina has shared a video snippet of the speech daughter. Every time
fans wondered how Alice has a strong voice, and how her performance style
different from the restrained singing of Irene.