20-year-old stepdaughter in al Pacino won the heart of Leonardo DiCaprio

20-летняя падчерица Аль Пачино покорила сердце Ди Каприо
Beauty longer than others lingered in the arms of a ladies ‘ man Leo.

20-летняя падчерица Аль Пачино покорила сердце Ди Каприо

Leonardo DiCaprio


Camille Moron

Photo: Instagram.com

43-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio surprised his fans.
He recently appeared in public with the same girl started
meet 4 months ago. But over the past year, none of the Hotties are not
could be kept at status friend Leo for longer than a month!

The West Hollywood witnessed
early Breakfast together DiCaprio and 20-year-old Camilla Morrone. Couple
trying not to attract the attention of strangers, appeared in one of the cafes,
where Leo and his girlfriend came in holding hands. At the same time, Camille sought refuge from
prying looks with his hat with a wide brim. And Leo, his eyes hidden behind dark goggles, and more
pulled the hood of my “hoodie”.

In fact, the emergence of Morrone in society DiCaprio
was a surprise because they rarely appear in public
together. So, before that they were seen together two months ago — at the bottom
born Ellen DeGeneres. And given the fact that Leo has a tendency to constantly
changing girlfriends, someone had to think that they already broke up. But as it turned out,
it is not so.

Recall: the first time DiCaprio was seen with Camilla
in December of last year. The paparazzi caught him when he left the house where
Morrone lives. And before the New year, Leo took her
on a private jet to aspen (Colorado). There’s a couple joined
a friend of actor Tobey Maguire –who arrived there with two children. And all
the company went mountain skiing and evening fun at a local

And they met, according to available information, the house
Al Pacino, with whom Leo maintains friendly relations. After All, Camille –
daughter of civil wife of actor
Lucila Sola, with whom he has lived for almost 10 years. As for the father of Camilla,
it is the ex-spouse Sola – MAXIMO Morrone, whom she divorced in