2-х летнюю дочку герцогини Кэтрин отдали в детский садик
The mother of the Princess Charlotte is celebrating her birthday.

2-х летнюю дочку герцогини Кэтрин отдали в детский садик

Princess Charlotte

Photo: Instagram.com

This week, the family of the Duchess of Cambridge have been two important developments.
First, her little daughter for the first time
went to kindergarten. And secondly, most Catherine turned 36 years old.

Catherine, which has long established itself as an excellent photographer, decided to capture a significant
the point is to make the 2-year-old daughter Charlotte, which began a new life. Thanks to a new photo
the young Princess, which my mother dressed in a coat of Burgundy and a bold
pink scarf, all could see that the Princess was grown up and
matured. With a new hairstyle, radiantly smiling Princess as decided
some looked like not only his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, but a little on
mother Katherine.

Now Charlotte has started a new life. It will be five days a week
visit the garden of the Willcocks Nursery School,
located near the Albert Hall. While she will walk
here only in the mornings for 3-4 hours. And only later go for a full day. And
the first day she came here with mom Catherine and dad William, who
allowed to spend some time with my daughter and play with her in the building to Charlotte
it was easier to adapt to new conditions.

Incidentally, the parents of the young Princess will have to pay for the garden solid
amount of about 6 thousand pounds a year, if Charlotte will come here for half a day and about
9 thousand, in the case of a visit in full day. Baby will be here not only
to play but to learn — to master literacy, numeracy, music,

It is curious that Charlotte started to go to kindergarten earlier than her older brother.
George first went to kindergarten Montessori School Westacre located
close to Anmer Hall, where at that time the Prince lived with his parents when he
it was three and a half, in that time, as the Princess turns three in may
this year.

As for moms of Charlotte — Catherine, which is currently carrying
her third child, no Grand celebration on the occasion of her day
the birth was announced, not
planned. She will spend her birthday in a quiet
family atmosphere, like last year, when she was confined to the conservative party in Anmer
The lobby, which invited his
parents Michael and Carole, and sister Pippa.

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte