12 quotes of the President about the parents, perestroika, Yeltsin, and women

12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах On the First channel started screening interviews three-time winner of the award “Oscar” by Oliver stone with President Vladimir Putin. Talking with the American Director, the President shared the details of the biographies and views on life. Russian viewers will first see a documentary film “Interview with Putin”.
12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

Monday, June 19, on the First channel started showing a series of President Vladimir Putin’s interview with the Director Oliver stone. For four days the audience can expect a rich dialogue foreign figure of cinema and the Russian President, which will allow to learn more about his life and views.

Picture of stone begins with the moment when he asks Putin to talk about themselves. “I think that many Western viewers almost know nothing about you,” said the American.

During the conversation with the Director Vladimir Vladimirovich has shared details of his biography. The President recalled the loved ones. “I know you were born in October 1952 after the war. Your mother worked in a factory, and his father fought. As a child you lived in a communal apartment,” said stone.

12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах“My mother worked in a factory, and his father worked as a mechanic at the plant. He had secondary technical education. He started the war in special forces and then he was sent to the army in one of the most dangerous areas of the Leningrad front. I was a late baby, before that they lost two children – one during the war, during the siege of Leningrad… as a child I lived in a very free mode, spent a lot of time outside in the yard. Since then, I started to do judo, it changed my life for the better”, – said Putin.
12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

After graduating from high school, the future President was admitted to Leningrad University’s law faculty. About seven years later Mr Putin met his wife Lyudmila. Then the distribution system Putin was in the KGB. “I had to, but I wanted to work there”, – said Vladimir Putin. “You had a romantic idea about this job? In the USSR there were the films about the KGB and the intelligence service,” asked the Director. “That’s right. Books, movies. You are absolutely precisely formulated”, – said the politician.

12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

In the second half of the 80s Putin was stationed in Dresden, and before that he worked in Leningrad and Moscow. “Frozen and as if frozen in 50-ies”, – these words the President describes his service abroad. Oliver stone asked him to comment on the restructuring, which was marked that era.

“It was clear, apparently, for Gorbachev and for all those who surrounded him that the country needed a change. But today I can confidently say that they did not understand what changes are needed and how to achieve them… It’s not the idea of Gorbachev, and the French socialists-utopians. To his credit that he felt the need of change and tried to change the system itself. But the problem was that it itself was worthless. What to do to change the situation in the country, but to save, no one knew… it led to the disintegration of the country”, – said Putin.
12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

After the Soviet Union collapsed, Boris Yeltsin established the Russian Federation. “We had completely destroyed the social protection system was stopped the whole of the economy, virtually destroyed the health care system, the army was in a deplorable state. And millions of people were below the poverty line,” recalled Putin.

In 1996, Mr Putin moved to Moscow and began working in the office of the President of the Russian Federation dealing with legal issues. He was then moved to administration, where he held the position of head of the control Department. After that, Putin became Director of FSB.

12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах“I’ve often heard the criticism that I regret the collapse of the Soviet Union (…) After the collapse of the Soviet Union, 25 million Russian people found themselves abroad. And this is one of the biggest disasters of the 20th century… In the country there were signs, and then full-scale civil war”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.
12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

In October 1993 Yeltsin gave the order to fire on the Parliament building. After two days of fighting in the street, hundreds of people were wounded and killed. Speaking about the personality of Boris Yeltsin, Oliver stone remembered that he was suspected of fascination with alcohol. “I don’t think I can give a serious assessment activities neither Gorbachev, nor Yeltsin’s activities. He, like each of us had their problems and their strengths. One of them was that he never shied away from responsibility. He took her to himself. But what you said to be honest, it was also”, – said the President.

After Boris Yeltsin resigned, the President was Vladimir Putin.

“It’s an interesting story. I came from Leningrad to Moscow, and I had no special support, no powerful connections. In 1996 I came, and January 1, 2000, I became the acting President. I don’t know why Yeltsin stopped the choice on me. When he offered me the first time, I refused. (…) One thing to be a civil servant, even of high rank, — you can live the life of ordinary people: to visit, to go to the cinema, theatre free, chat with friends and not carry a personal responsibility for everything that happens in the country, for the fate of millions of people. And to take the responsibility for Russia in that situation is a very difficult job”, – said the head of state.
12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

In recognition of Vladimir, he was concerned for his loved ones. “I thought only one thing: where to hide the children. Imagine I’d be released from his position. No protection, nothing. And what to do? How to live? And how to ensure the safety of the family?” – shared political figure. Putin also stressed that his future was not then resolved. “I didn’t know a hundred percent that I will be President. No guarantees for this reason no one gave,” said the President.

During the first Putin’s term in office he was credited with many achievements, said Oliver stone. “You’ve built electronics and engineering, chemical, agricultural industry, increased GDP, wages, reformed the army, allowed the Chechen war, stopped the privatization. You are a true son of Russia”, – with these words, stone turned to Putin.

12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах“Not so sure. I did not stop the privatization, I was just trying to give it more equitable. I did all that public property was sold for a pittance – recalled the Russian leader. We terminated the schemes, which were created in the oligarchy, in which people suddenly become billionaires. This also led to the loss of control over certain strategic industries or to their collapse. So my task was not to stop the privatization and to give it a more systematic and equitable”.
12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

Conversing with an American artist, Vladimir Putin also noted that he “worked a lot and in General very successful.” The President stressed that in 2008-2012, when the country was led by Dmitry Medvedev, the head of state was “the other person, not me.” “I know how we have in the country as abroad, this time was evaluated. I must tell you that President Medvedev fully and independently performed all of its duties. The President of the country can only be one person – the one who is elected by the people,” – said the President.

Talking with the Russian President, Oliver stone touched on the subject of assassination attempts. Vladimir Putin said he was satisfied with the work of the security service.

“I was Castro talking about this. And he said to me: “Because I have my security take care of himself. He told me: “you Know why I’m alive?” – I said, “Why?” – “Because I his safety is always involved personally”. I’m doing my job, and the employees safety its. So far they have all worked perfectly. (…) We know as people say? We say: this is destined to be hanged, he did not sink. God knows our destiny – yours and mine,” – said the head of state.
12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

The next meeting of the American activist of the same name by Vladimir Putin was held a few months later. Oliver stone asked the President how his day was. The President said that he worked very hard. “My producer, he’s here now, Fernando, talked about you and he said you were a great CEO, Executive Director, Russia – your company. All of you check yourself, work on problems and find their solution”, – said the Director. Putin agreed with stone and explained how he is addressing complex issues.

12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах“I’m more interested in the process, because I try to give him such a creative character. Can you imagine an artist paints a picture, then he had lunch. He dropped the brush and went. Probably, it does not happen. Perhaps, after all, the artist wants something to complete and then ready to rest. (…) Don’t want to compare myself with people of creative professions, but the process of working, decision-making, it is somewhat reminiscent of this process”, – said the President.
12 цитат президента о родителях, перестройке, Ельцине и женщинах

During a visit by Oliver stone and Vladimir Putin spent his tour of the Kremlin. The Russian leader showed the Director the throne room, decorated with gold leaf. “You know, they say you want to be king. I mean, you’re the new king,” said the American. Answering the question of the figure of the cinema, Mr Putin laughed. “They seem to like it. Can’t get rid of these stereotypes. (…) The question is not whether to have a lot of power, the question is to dispose at least the power that you have, dispose of properly”, – said the head of state.

In turn, stone decided to ask the President loses if he ever control. “You have a bad day?” asked the American.

“Well, I’m not a woman, I don’t have bad days, – Putin joked. – I do not offend anyone, the nature of such. There are certain natural cycles, I guess, men are too, but they are less pronounced. We are all human beings, that’s fine… But to lose control…”