The star of “Univer” haunted collectors

Звезду «Универа» преследуют коллекторы
Passion for yoga drove Alexey Gavrilov in large debts.

Alexey Gavrilov with his wife Marina

As it became known, ex-fiance of Christina Asmus Alexey Gavrilov already some time
searching for collectors. According to reports, the actor famous for his part in
the set of “Univer” and “Sashatanya”, owed to one of capital banks round amount. He
Alex says that their debt is already repaid and did not understand
why it continues to pursue the collectors.

It turned out
the loan was taken Gavrilov for the construction of yoga center. The actor, who
the scandal left the TNT TV show, not so long ago decided to change the scope
activities and name – now he calls himself Alex Lemar. To start a new life for him because the meeting with the yoga instructor Marina Melnikova. Love turned into marriage, and then in the joint business, which, according to media reports, Gavrilov took a loan of one million rubles.

Recall that
Alex first appeared in the series “Univer” in 2008. And 2013
he starred in the spin-off comic sitcom TNT— “I”,
who abruptly left in may of this year. The main reason for the departure from the series
Gavrilova was his hot passion of a healthy lifestyle, contrary to the image of a “parasite
and alcoholic goshi”, which is “stuck” to him tightly, not only on screen but also
in real life. “Reading the script of the new series, I realized that I don’t
can support the ideology that promotes my hero — shared
Gavrilov. — He’s a lazy parasite who abuse alcohol. And I absolutely
the other person, lead a healthy lifestyle and encourage everyone to do the same. I am very
am grateful to the actors, and the producers and the channel, but at the moment I’m not ready
continue to play this role. After all, my character looks young, but someone
probably trying to imitate him!”