Prince showed up extramarital 30-year-old son

У Принса обнаружился внебрачный 30-летний сын

As is often the case, after the death of a artist when it comes to his legacy, he discovered an illegitimate child who has lived his entire life in sadness that his father did not recognize and now expects at least financial compensation for the failed family relationships.

So, recently tragically deceased musician Prince has discovered an unknown son.

A 30-year-old American, of Minneapolis, stated that he is the illegitimate son of a Prince! Moreover, the “offspring” of the pop star set up very strongly, he is willing to go through DNA test.

Now the family of the Prince have a little worried, because as an international organization, specializing in finding heirs interested in the possible offspring of the artist and intends to establish whether a man is actually his son.

Note that previously it was assumed that the only heiress to the fortune of the Prince will become his sister TIKA Nelson. The woman had become the owner of the state, which was estimated at 300 million. Now, perhaps the Tick will have to share.

By the way, but suddenly found the son, for the inheritance Prisa also wanted to fight another five half — brothers and sisters of the singer.

It is worth saying that despite the fact that Prince left no legitimate heir, attempts to create a family he still had. Married to Mayet Garcia the musician had a son, Gregory Battle, who, unfortunately, died a week after his birth due to severe brain pathology.

Prins and his wife were shocked by the death of his son. They were never able to recover from the terrible tragedy that has ruined their relationship. They divorced three years after her son’s death.