Nikita Efremov spent the night with the singer

Никита Ефремов провел ночь с певицей
Popular actor starred in the new video of “My Michelle”.

Никита Ефремов провел ночь с певицей

The soloist of the group “My Michelle” Tatiana Tkachuk

Photo: Press service of “My Michelle”

Никита Ефремов провел ночь с певицей

The soloist of the group “My Michelle” Tatiana Tkachuk

Photo: Press service of “My Michelle”

This summer the group “My Michelle” is in every sense the hottest. The other day
the band released a new video for the song “Dark alleys” in which, in addition
vocalist Tatiana Tkachuk “lit up” as DJ Smash, Nikita Efremov and Sasha Bortech. And on 16 July a few thousand fans
will sing songs of their idols on the big solo concert “My
Michelle at the Green theatre ENEA. In anticipation of this event Tatiana Tkachuk
gave an exclusive interview

— Who came up with the idea to shoot a video with DJ SMASH?

— We were crossed with Smash at different events and we end up with
rumors that Andrew likes what we do. The idea about a joint track
was it. Then we, probably, month 3 was chosen, what would it be for
song. Eventually settled on the “Dark alleys”.

— How did you work together on set? Were you able to find a common language?

— Yes, we spent the night in the pool, and there was dawn — this in a sense brings people together. We had a great
team — Director Nigina Sayfullaeva, co-producer Pavlo Shevchuk, actors
Sasha Bortech and Nikita Efremov. Without them would there was nothing.

Nikita Efremov, Tatyana Tkachuk and DJ Smash

Photo: Press service of “My Michelle”

— With whom you feel comfortable communicating with artists and musicians or people who are far from show-business? You are a sociable person?

— All my best friends (two in Moscow, two in Blagoveshchensk) is not from show business. Guys from my team I can call my friends, we have a band, I love our long hours of rehearsal in the Studio, when all the fool. Actually, I’m not a very open person who was friends with
all around. But if I like someone, it is a long time.

— You often mention in interviews that the character you got from father. Can you name the 3 main traits of his character?

— Suspiciousness, patience, temper.

— Now in the midst of a season of holidays, and you have the midst of labor. Out
new clip, June 16, will be a great solo at the Green theatre ENEA. Not
I envy those who quietly basking on the beach?

— I prepared for the fly — in may I went for two weeks in Georgia. And to work in the summer — this has its advantages. For example, outdoor concerts. That is so cool! I hope it won’t rain, and I was about to go on stage in a swimsuit.

— What awaits the audience at this concert?

— Well, at least I’m in a bathing suit (laughs) from the clip “Dark alleys” presenting the song of the same name alive. Will play better will nakolduet some crazy track list.

— How do you prefer to relax and usually when it happens in a group vacation?

— I love the resorts, but not in season. After the new year I went to Montenegro
deserted beaches, lonely landscapes, authentic landscape, to walk around
sand in shawls and shoes, and I like that (smiles). Georgia —
wonderful country, of course. In Tbilisi, so many things are mixed. And
architecture. and the food, the wine, of course, stunning. And I’m glad
this year we were in the far East. I flew for a few days
earlier in Blagoveshchensk, to spend time with family, which is not seen
1.5 years. It was a touching trip special.

— Describe your ideal vacation.

Sea, yacht, St Tropez — no. Actually, I hate to lie
on the beach and sunbathe. Last year we were in nice for a few days, and
that was enough for me. Unlikely I would stay there for a week. Except that
to walk in the evenings.