George W. Bush disgraced himself at the funeral

Джордж Буш-младший опозорился на панихиде

Former U.S. President George W. Bush, who during the years of his reign regularly got into all sorts of embarrassments, and continues to do so after the completion of his term. Yesterday in Dallas was held the funeral service in honor of those killed at the hands of police sniper. During the performance of “Battle hymn of the Republic” George suddenly began to dance.

Due to the fact that he held hands with the first lady of the United States of America Michelle shower to unwittingly involved in the scandal and her. Incumbent President Barack Obama has observed untimely and inappropriate dancing George, and it even made him smile.

Dance videos George instantly spread through the Network and caused a flurry of criticism of the dancer. There have even been suggestions that Bush the younger was drunk. However, can a man occupying such a high post, simply do not know how to behave at the funeral. I remember at the funeral service of Nancy Reagan, he was also extremely cheerful and relentlessly took selfies.