Five curious facts about Princess Charlotte

Пять любопытных фактов о принцессе Шарлотте
The daughter of the Duchess of Cambridge is celebrating his very first birthday.

Пять любопытных фактов о принцессе Шарлотте

Happy Kate and William named newborn Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Photo: Mark Cuthbert/getty images russia

For the first year of his life the young Princess Charlotte,
which celebrates today its first birthday, had time to learn all that is necessary
the kids her age. But parallel to it, besides, he had to charm
the whole world with her charm…

Charlotte was much smarter than his brother.

The daughter of the Duchess of Cambridge, for the first time surprised
all in the day of his birth. The fact that a little girl
parents gave the name sonorous name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, managed to get out on
light in just 2.5 hours! But just 10 hours after birth, the Duchess
with Charlotte on his hands and accompanied by husband Prince William — has already left
hospital and returned to Kensington Palace. It all happened so quickly, and Kate
looked so good that many even refused to believe that she gave birth to herself.
When this baby was also in excellent shape and is nearly as large as her brother George.
The Prince weighed at birth 3 kilos 800 grams, Charlotte – 3 kg 700 grams.

It is interesting that at the time of his birth
Charlotte “allowed” parents to save a little. The fact is that when it is
the birth of Kate as a woman in labor who gave birth at St. Mary’s Hospital
already the second (counting George) baby, got a discount on all services “hospital”.
Besides, since she left the hospital a day earlier than last time,
the Duchess saved even more. So Kate and her husband had to fork out
not of 6 thousand 570 pounds as the first time, but much less. It is clear that
the Prince was able to pay the full hospital bill, but not to use it
the opportunity was also unreasonable.

By the way, due to the fact that Charlotte is mom so quickly
left the hospital, they did not even have time to visit one of the relatives. So
his first visitors – in the face of grandmother Carole Middleton and grandfather of Michael, a young Princess
“took” in Kensington Palace.

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  • Пять любопытных фактов о принцессе Шарлотте
    Kate Middleton

  • Пять любопытных фактов о принцессе Шарлотте
    Prince William

  • Пять любопытных фактов о принцессе Шарлотте
    Prince George (George)

  • Пять любопытных фактов о принцессе Шарлотте
    Princess Charlotte


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Пять любопытных фактов о принцессе Шарлотте

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