Fans found guilty of divorce Ksenia Borodina

Фанаты нашли виновного в разводе Ксении Бородиной
Fans conducted its own investigation of infidelity Kurban Omarov.

Фанаты нашли виновного в разводе Ксении Бородиной

Ksenia Borodina with Alena Vodonaevoy


Xenia Borodina seems most loyal fans
in the world of show business. News of the impending divorce of TV presenter with
Kurban Omarov so impressed, that they decided
discover the young lady, the treason which was the cause of discord in the family Borodina. Interestingly, they actually managed to find a candidate for the role rozluchnytsi. It was a long
friend Ksenia Alena Vodonaeva.

Such a bold assumption fans of Ksenia made based
on several facts. After a Frank recognition of Ksenia about her husband’s infidelity its the closest
girlfriend immediately removed from Omarova
social networking. But Allen, who also was among close friends, to abandon friendship with the Eid al did not.
Later, it was reported that she attended one of the home
parties, where, according to Borodina, and
happened cheating spouse. And just recently the leading “House-2” removed
Vodonaevu of my friends in Instagram, which is indirectly confirmed assumptions

However, no official confirmation from
Borodina about who dared to break her happy family, has not yet been reported.
By the way, in some point home “detectives” are so fond of investigation,
that came to an unexpected version. Some of the subscribers do
doubted that the quarrel between the spouses had taken place. Found
fans who suspected that the controversial breakup of Xenia Kurban
it may be a PR campaign. It turned out that Omarova from day to day starts
a joint business project with Nastassja Samburski.

Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov