Fans accused Victoria Lopyreva in a lie

Поклонники обвинили Викторию Лопыреву во лжи
Subscribers model asked her not to consider them fools.

Victoria Lopyreva

Photo: @lopyrevavika (Instagram Victoria Lopyreva)

Looks like Victoria Lopyreva has lost some of its fans.
Recently, the model decided to do a promotional post dental clinic on his page in the social network, and between
the case mentioned that she was a stranger to artifice, and her teeth are natural.
“Beloveds, you are all the time asking me about the procedure for teeth says
Vic. — Answer, I never did anything with them and did not even bleached, but occasionally
visit my friends at the clinic — bio-hygiene and strengthening enamel.

Angry users immediately chided Vic in lies and disrespect
to its subscribers. Fans were asked not to consider them fools and said,
what are veneers on her teeth to catch the eye.

“It’s not like it’s true, Yes, okay? I thought you just
Orbits after a meal chew”, “You are so cool and positive, very like, but
such posts here about “doing nothing” is a bit disappointing, we
all are not idiots! Obvious lies and disrespect to my subscribers!”, “This
funny. There are pictures where the bottom is visible 6-8 veneers, the rest is another color. That’s why
this to write?! Well done, what a difference! But these slogans are nothing
did nonsense!” — signed post readers lopyrevoy.