Became known, who contributed to the fact that Victoria Beckham became a designer

Стало известно, кто поспособствовал тому, что Виктория Бекхэм стала дизайнером

Victoria Beckham together with one of the most sought after girl groups of our time – the Spice Girls, was at the peak of popularity, when one day, at one point I realized that doing someone else’s work.

Victoria didn’t want to lose the glory that was acquired through participation in the group, however, wanted to try something new, where she felt comfortable and confident.

As told reporters the 55-year-old British music and television producer, Creator of the TV music talent show Idol, and a former Manager of the group Spice Girls , Simon fuller, despite the fact that participation in the group seemed happy lottery ticket, a team Wiki is always, according to his own feelings, was strange.

“When she was in Spice Girls, it was so much fun, it was one of the most popular groups, but she still felt uncomfortable, despite the fact that well he sang and danced,” fuller said.

After the collapse of the group, Beckham still had plans for his musical future, but after consulting again with Simon, she has completely turned her life around and is very involved in studying the intricacies of art: “It was called Posh Spice (luxury, elegant – approx.ed), because she always wore the best clothes and knew everything about clothes. And I told her that she should pursue fashion instead, it should become a designer“, — proudly says the man.