Зверев предложил себя на «Евровидение-2017» от России

Fan of diamond crowns and Chanel from the evil eye” thought to stand as a candidate.

The king of glamour this year could become a competitor to the Sergey Lazarev song contest. Shocking celebrity offered a substantial fee for participation in “Eurovision”. But to go to Stockholm from another power star did not allow Patriotic feelings.

What if you imagine Russia? Stylist commented on his participation in the song contest next year.

According to the actor, his image is perfect for the participation in “Eurovision”. Yeah, a singing career “the star in shock” has always been at the height discussions… at least Take their joint clip Anastasia Volochkova “Above ground”, with which the blond even participated in the awards Ru.tv.

One confused singer – his age. No, you do not think, fan of platforms in their appearance like never satisfied. He’s just so confident in his victory that he didn’t want to block the way for the young.

“This contest of young singers. What makes sense to me to take part in “Eurovision”, when everyone knows that I’m there to win? — said the “star in shock” at a press conference in the framework of “Slavonic Bazaar” in Vitebsk. — I then there is no incentive. If I go, I will do all. I sensation, just so you know”.

As for the fact that Zverev was 53 years, he is confident that preserved not worse than the famous Frenchwoman Patricia Kaas.

“In my opinion, in show business there is no age. Just need “watering”, he said.

Meanwhile, Zverev is not only confident in his victory. On song contest is also ready to go Natasha Koroleva, Sergey Shnurov and… he is Iosif Kobzon. Moreover, people’s artist of the USSR was even ready to sing in Kyiv in my native Ukrainian language.

And who would you send on “the Eurovision-2017” from Russia?

  • Natasha Koroleva! An experienced artist will not get embarrassed
  • I for Kobzon. This is a classic
  • The Only Cord! He’ll show everybody!
  • Vote for the king of outrageous Sergei Zverev. The competition is such love
  • I don’t care. None of them will win
  • Other (write in comments)

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