Зоя Бербер пострадала от бесплатной процедуры
The star of “Real boys” had to be treated after cleaning the face.

Zoya Berber

Photo: TNT

Zoya Berber, star of TV series “Real boys” it is recognized that now is afraid to seek the services of beauty salons. Shooting one of the episodes of the series took place in a beauty salon, and there Zoe was offered some free treatments. “I was delighted,” recalls the actress. — The person I was purified tonic with menthol. For my dry skin it’s hell! I received severe burns and had sworn never to go to salons. Elementary beautician asked me if I had contraindications. Some days I walked with a swollen face. Later I was advised the specialist who helped lead the skin. On his advice, by the way, I first used to moisturize the skin with hyaluronic acid”.

Since then, Zoe is trying to manage self-care. “I did a blood test and got a list of foods that I can not, — says the actress. — In this list, such as, pasta, which I have always been a great huntress. I have a reaction to gluten. Should eat something containing gluten, then deteriorates metabolism and, in addition to stomach problems, I get extra deposits in the sides. Before, when I was eating raspberries or bananas, I often had a rash. I thought it was because of the excess sugar. As it turned out, I have an innate intolerance of these fruits. From salted food, for example, eggplants and tomatoes. So now we have a home on the fridge hangs a list of banned products. Since I don’t make, and my husband, it is more important to him to know that I don’t. The result is already there: feel the incredible lightness!”

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