Zoya Berber does not communicate with the fans due to threats

Зоя Бербер не общается с поклонниками из-за угроз The actress is afraid that it will be stolen. Zoya Berber stopped to get in touch with followers. The star of the series “Real boys” lives a civil marriage with his elect. Perhaps this gives some subscribers a reason to be persistent.
Зоя Бербер не общается с поклонниками из-за угроз

For the life of the stars of the series “Real boys” Zoya Berber followed more than half a million followers. However, the artist rarely responds to fans. Despite the fact that many celebrities keep in touch with subscribers, the actress decided to protect themselves from communion with them. The fact that the artist began to unambiguous sentences because of their appearance. That’s why Zoe is trying to nullify contact with the fans.

“I talked to them. Not now. Try to give detailed interviews to all the questions they could get answers. I often write mountaineers: “why, I’m stealing you!” I’m Caucasian, blond, they like me so much. Everyone wants to steal, to get married, to the village to take”, – said the Berber.
Зоя Бербер не общается с поклонниками из-за угроз

Now the actress lives a civil marriage with the writer Alexander by Sinegubova. The couple is in no hurry to formalize the relationship – Zoe wants it at the highest level, and therefore, choose a convenient time when I can prepare the celebration.

Lovers have a three year old daughter Nadia. The whole family loves the baby, and so older relatives are happy to come to the aid of a couple when they have a lot of time at work. After only three months after the birth of baby Zoe went to work. She took the girl with him to the shooting. However, Berber was not easy – the actress was always waiting for the weekend to fully enjoy spending time with my family.

“From birth Nadi we have never been to the sea. Except for Sochi where I was at work. And she is consciously asking the questions: “Mom, when are we going to play on the sand by the sea?” All three years — has personality. It’s time for parents to adjust,” admitted Zoe.

The star of “Real boys” learned to calmly respond to rumours about his personal life. Despite the fact that she tries to protect her family from public attention, she has to be understanding to different situations.

“For example, I don’t like to talk about his personal life, so this can be anything to distribute. For a long time it was thought that I live with Kolya Naumov from “the Boys”, though we told everyone that it is not so. If you have three children, my life all is well. Now that’s some kind of wave went about that I’m hysterical at the site. I know where the Shoe pinches. It’s such a vengeance. But this only amuses me,” he said. in an interview WomanHit.