Зои Дешанель забеременела во второй раз за два года
The actress does not yet know the sex of their unborn child.

became known, the star of the films “500 days of summer”
and “Love and other troubles” will soon again become a mother.
Zooey Deschanel is expecting a baby from her husband, producer Jacob Pechenik. About
it reported the edition “US Weekly”.

became the second husband of 36-year-old actress: the first time she went down the aisle with musician Ben
Gibbard. However, the marriage Deschanel with Gibbard has not worked, and in just three years
after the wedding, she filed for divorce. What
same applies to Jacob Pechenik, with whom she started Dating in 2014, and in July of 2015 became his lawful wife.

the ceremony, held in Texas, the couple
coded and did not call him a lot of guests, because the bride was already on
the eighth month of pregnancy. So, apart from family and close friends about what
actress “in position”, no one knew. And when just a month later she
strong gave birth to a pretty girl, who was given a funny name — Elsie otter is
was all a complete surprise the uninitiated. Middle name of a daughter amused all because
it translates from English as “otter”. When Zoe asked why she would call the baby that
explained that he loves these animals, “because they are cute and smart.”

I wonder
what the sex of their second child, the actress doesn’t know yet and may not
will try to find out. Anyway, when zoey was carrying Elsie otter or
she and her husband didn’t want to know, they’ve got the boy or girl to the most