Зои Кравиц и Карл Глусман помолвлены

The star of the films “Divergent” and “Fantastic beasts” Zoe Kravitz is soon to get married! Actor Carl Glusman proposed to his sweetheart in February. Learned of this news only now because of the desire of the actress to keep the incident secret.

By the way, among the stars, a popular way to talk about news is a post in social networks. Zoe’s not the same and only after some time told about the engagement in an interview for the magazine Rolling Stones. Casually saying this she was very surprised journalists. “Oh, Yes, I’m engaged. I didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t say it to the world. Wanted to keep the news secret.”

Thought to offer Carl long enough and created a plan. Initially, the actor had to make a proposal to a sweetheart in Paris, but true desires interfere with the. In the end, the actor expressed a preference for the home environment. Lighted candles, song Nina Simone — what could be better? “I was in my pajamas. I think even a little drunk. When he started to hug me, I felt how fast his heart is beating. I said, “Baby, are you okay?” You had me scared for him.”

Carl didn’t confess! He got down on one knee, but Zoe continued to worry for him: “Yes, better go, you better stretch to chill the heart.” Idea beloved Kravitz realized only when he got the ring, about which she had dreamed. “He’s got it 100 percent. I’m so glad I failed that plan with Paris. It was home in my pajamas… Very romantic!”

Zoe and Carl have been Dating for two years. They were introduced by a mutual friend at one of the bars. Previously, the star met with George Lewis Jr. He is also known under the pseudonym Twin Shadow. In front of him zoey tied a romantic relationship with Chris Pinom, Ben foster and Michael Fassbender, and George is the first black knight Kravitz.

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