Зои Кравиц: 5 фактов о актрисе, которая сыграет «Женщину-кошку» в «Бэтмене»

Зои Кравиц: 5 фактов о актрисе, которая сыграет «Женщину-кошку» в «Бэтмене»
Zoe Kravitz got a major role with Robert Pattinson in “the Batman,” but this is not her first major acting project. Recently, the actress finished shooting the TV series “Big little lies”!
30-year-old Zoe Kravitz is preparing to become the next Catwoman in the film, Matt Reeves, “Batman”, as 14 reported by the representatives of the film company that is filming the movie! The HBO star take the baton from Actresses Anne Hathaway, Halle berry and Michelle Pfeiffer who has previously played the character “cat Woman”, which has a rather complicated relationship with Batman. The premiere of this upcoming installation, “Batman” is scheduled for June 25, 2021, and shooting should begin in late 2019 or early 2020.

Зои Кравиц: 5 фактов о актрисе, которая сыграет «Женщину-кошку» в «Бэтмене»Here’s what else you should know about the woman, dressed in a latex suit, which will play a major role with the Dark knight (Robert Pattinson, 33).
1. Zoe gained real popularity after starring in the movie “Big little lies”, it can not boast a long filmography, however, she began to appear in 2007. In this highly popular series, the actress played the role of Bonnie Carlson, freedom-loving
yoga teacher in the community moms Monterey. You may also know her as Lita Lestrange from the movie “Fantastic beasts”, Christina from the movie “Divergent” and one of the runaway wives in “Mad Max: fury Road.”

2. She is the daughter of famous parents. Dad Zoe is a singer with multiple genres, lenny Kravitz, 55, known for his hits: “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over” and “Again”. And her mother is actress Lisa Bonet, 51, best known for her role of Denise Huxtable in the Cosby Show.

3. This is not the first time Zoe plays in the “Woman-cat”. The actress voiced the Female cat in the movie of Lego Batman, the animated movie released in 2017!

4. Zoe married Charles Glusman, shortly before it was approved for the role of cat. She reportedly tied the knot with the star of “Nocturnal animals and love” at a secret ceremony in may 2019, but the wedding-feast was held in France on 29 June 2019
5. It is not just an actress. Zoe is one of those talented movie stars who know how to play and sing! She founded a band called Elevator Flight in 2009, and then created another band, LOLAWOLF released their debut album in 2014. A trio of R & B / electropop,
consisting of Zoe, drummer Jimmy Giannopoulos and keyboardist James levy even managed to give several recitals.

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