Ziraddin Rzayev answered serious allegations of slander

Зираддин Рзаев ответил на серьезные обвинения в клевете The man was found with a resident of the Vologda region a Novel by Ksenofontova who has filed a lawsuit against the producers of a show about psychics. Cherepovchane believes that he lied on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of his wife Christine.
Зираддин Рзаев ответил на серьезные обвинения в клевете

Cherepovchane Roman Ksenofontov took part in the filming of “Psychics lead the investigation”, is suing the channel TNT and JSC “FMP Group”, which was engaged in filming. The man believes that his clairvoyant slandered, suspected of involvement in the death of his wife Christine Nechaeva. The woman disappeared in the summer of 2013. To prove his innocence, Ksenofontov came to the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Roman denies that it is guilty of a crime.

A suspect in the murder of his wife suing a show about psychics

On that fateful day, nothing foretold troubles. According to Ksenofontova, he doesn’t remember why he quarreled with his wife. Prior to this novel and Christina agreed that they would not swear, but the man broke a promise.

“Friends are invited to the village day. Sat, drank. A guy came up and asked to move the car. When I drove up to the club, I saw that Christina discourages the hands from the guy. I got out, don’t know where it all began, Christina me spread. We had a conflict. When she kicked me, I pushed her off. The policeman said, “If you don’t disperse, we’ll take you”. I turned around and left. I didn’t even see left Cristina,” recalls Roman.
Зираддин Рзаев ответил на серьезные обвинения в клевете

Ksenofontov also said that he divorced his wife after her disappearance. “Two or three months she was perfect. As I have accumulated some amount, she left… I learned a lot of interesting, how she spent her time – night clubs, saunas. I don’t know how it worked, I haven’t seen it with my own eyes,” – shared cherepovchane.

After some time, the man’s life turned into a nightmare. Roman Ksenofontov reported that he was suspected in the disappearance of Christina.

Зираддин Рзаев ответил на серьезные обвинения в клевете“Child driven to anorexia. All my friends were questioned. I was called in for questioning, the car was examined, withdrew the cases for examination”,– told novel.
Зираддин Рзаев ответил на серьезные обвинения в клевете

Christina’s mother Olga Vladimirovna Leonova decided to turn to psychics to find her daughter. Those suspected of the Novel that he is involved in the disappearance of his wife. While direct accusations against men are not sounded. As it turned out, Ksenofontov suing not only with TV, but with the mother. According to Roman, the “playing victim”.

One of the psychics who investigated the disappearance of Christina, appeared in the Studio. Ziraddin Rzayev was not afraid to meet a Novel by Ksenofontova and answer his charges.

“We have seen some signs. This man in the past tried, he has a scar on his leg. When I spoke with him, he told me: “My wife is a prostitute, and is an ancient profession”. After that I refused to communicate with him. I think he needs a psychiatrist. I did not say that he is a murderer. I said he knows something and it’s up to the end you need to study,” said the clairvoyant.
Зираддин Рзаев ответил на серьезные обвинения в клевете

Olga Leonova, who also appeared in the Studio, says that the Roman Ksenofontov is guilty in the disappearance of her daughter. Mother Christina said that man is an aggressive behavior.

“I Christine was thrice married. I haven’t talked to Roman, I didn’t like. In 2011, he tried to kill me and Christina, and this thing fixed. We did examination. This man poked me with a Taser in the chest, where I had a stent. This man came to kill with a hammer, a noose and a Taser. Then Christine forgave him and decided to reconcile with him. She took a statement and said, “Mom, let’s forgive”… novel, you have written a lot of statements,” said the woman.
Зираддин Рзаев ответил на серьезные обвинения в клевете

According to Ziraddin Rzayev, Christina is dead. However, a psychic once said that it is not called the Novel one killer. A friend of Christina revealed that she visited her in the sauna alone, and the rumors about her alleged numerous novels untrue. “She told me, “I had to sign with him.” I can’t say that they lived, they were just confused. He insisted on the wedding and would not let her pass,” said a friend of the missing woman.

Roman Ksenofontov confirmed that indeed was in prison but not for murder. “My mother was just sent to hell, I saw it. It is disorderly, six months. It was twenty years ago. I sat one time and this is not true at all…” – the man explained.

Lawyer cherepovchane Alexander Chumakov said that hurt his client and forced to go to court. According to Roman, he was presented in the transmission of the negative side. “The first time there is a photo of the Novel, then say: “This affair, he beat his wife, he judged,” commented the lawyer.

To prove his innocence, Roman has agreed for the fifth time to sit on a lie detector. The polygraph confirmed that cherepovchane not lying, speaking about the disappearance of his wife Christine.

“Roman is innocent. He answered questions about his involvement in the disappearance of Christina, Tom, you know where she is, whether she’s alive or dead and so on. The novel really does not know where Christina is, and he’s not involved in her disappearance,” said specialist Michael Bogomolov.