Жора Крыжовников объяснил, почему скрывал, кто его жена
The Director and his wife, actress Yulia Alexandrova, gave a joint interview.

Zhora Krizovnicka and Julia Alexandrova

guest of the project “OK.” was Director George Krizovnicka. The author of “Bitterly!” and “The
the best day,” shared his impressions about working with Timur Bekmambetov in
the movie “Christmas Tree new.” Together with the Director in the show was attended by his wife —
actress Yulia Alexandrova, who played a major role in the sixth part the most
popular Christmas Comedy. She told the audience why he tries
to protect the daughter from the movie and how it responds to the comments of the haters.

About Timur Bekmambetov

J. K.: “I think Timur is the maximum
freedom of the possible. We agree about the conditions of game on the shore, and then he
does not appear. “Kiss!” he came to us for 3 days, came, sat, and I
I thought: “Well everything, now will begin”. But his advice was so considerate that
I do not get tired to talk about it to other producers. It is a professional
a conversation that motivates you, not in conflict, not to suppress will and you
I want to do better.”

About working with his wife on the “new Trees” and “Kiss!”

J. C.: “but if to speak about “Christmas Tree”, I don’t
I thought that there would be a role. Initially, I only helped write the script, and then
I love history, I decided to make a film. And offer to play Julia
a pregnant snow white in the “new Trees” came from the company BAZELEVS. They
suggested that she was involved in, and I’ve got the bug.

On the “Bitter” part of the group didn’t know what we —
the husband with the wife, because Julia was approved for
role separately. We therefore agreed that we will keep distance to
to irritate the group, not to put everyone in an uncomfortable position. When people in
relationships and working together, it is always affected, and a little uncomfortable all
who around. We took a decal and tried to stick with it to work
was work”.

About filming in mobile in the “new Trees”

J. C.: “to Remove the mobile is very
cool, because we have in hand is almost professional
camera. Half of the film “Yolki new” shot on a cell phone and it
displayed on a huge screen without losing quality. If our viewers want
to make a movie, they have to do everything. Now the film industry is not something
complex, where it is necessary to break”.

About the acting career of her daughter Faith

Y. A.: “Faith starred in “Christmas Trees” in episodic,
when was bobsleigh of the kids. She’s a fan of mermaids, and we bought a suit
mermaid. And she went to play. But in General it’s not going to shoot.
It is a painful process. The movie is mostly waiting”.

The attitude of the haters

A.: “the First time I have been spending quite a lot
forces on it, and then I realized that it is not necessary. I do not know these people. Internet
it is a space on the fence to write. I listen only to those
people who for me have some value. To read my shit to anyone
I do not advise”.

J. K.: “When any person shall make his
work for public discussion, someone always praise someone scold. And
there will always be those who are on the clumsy work say, “That’s good!”. And
on the contrary, when it seems to happen, there are those who don’t like it. And when I
the first time faced with this, I could not understand why they act this way. If
I don’t like something, I try to forget and something interesting
view. And I couldn’t understand, why are you angry what? Why so much time
this spend? Not like, do not look. But it’s actually vaccination. There
those who enjoy, those who don’t, but we find moments that
it will help you be better.”

About future projects and the TV series “Call DiCaprio”

J. C.: “we Have Comedy, but the black experimental.
And the second story is a biography of a famous person. I, unfortunately,
can’t say anything, to say about that in January and February. We shot for TNT
TV series with Alexander Petrov, Andrei Borkowski, Yulia Alexandrova, series
called “Call DiCaprio”, 8 episodes. About the life of artists, about behind the scenes. Two
brother, one – Petrov star, burkovsky loser. This dramatic
history now and we have already mounted 4 of the series”.

On the celebration of the New year

J. K.: “New year is a family holiday.
Watched “Tree New” home. We never celebrated noisy company, because
we don’t need animators. We animators work for a year. So
celebrate as quietly, calmly, sometimes it’s giving. This year under the palm trees

The criteria for the success of the movies

J. C.: “Here two years ago came out in the car
the film “the best day”, and if I’m not mistaken, the 29th or 30th of I went
Pyatnitskaya street, and meet me were a company of five people who sang:
“The best day…”. And I understand that they’re playing, and it’s the coolest.
The most important criterion is the audience that come and they like”.