Zhanna Friske: death of the singer, the details of the funeral, photo

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото “StarHit” decided to summarize all the information about the death and funeral of Jeanne Friske. Memories of family and friends, photos and more – read our collection.
Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

15 June was the singer Zhanna Friske. Her death shocked the whole country: smiling, funny and beautiful actress was loved by many, and her miraculous recovery had hoped everything. When in the winter of 2014 became aware of the serious illness of Jeanne, the call to help her financially responded not only stars, but also ordinary Russians. Collected enough money not only to conduct a course of special experimental vaccine in the United States, but also to help a few suffering from cancer children. Jeanne was better, she returned to Russia and was willing to fight on and make a full recovery. But the miracle, unfortunately, did not happen. A few months ago she got worse, then she stopped recognizing family and went into a coma. Jeanne died in the suburban home of his parents, the girlfriend Olga Orlova. On June 16, when the media got the mournful news of her departure, weeping all, and even nature in Moscow responded to the event with rain. On June 17, assigned to the farewell by Jeanne, June 18, she will be buried on Nikolo-Arkhangelsk a cemetery. “StarHit” decided to summarize all the information about the death and funeral of Jeanne Friske. Memories of family and friends, photos and more – read our collection.

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Dmitry Shepelev in “Let them talk”: the first interview on television

Is a leading openly spoke about his personal drama.. In the broadcast transmission Dmitry told about how he wrote a book dedicated to the courageous history of struggle Zhanna Friske cancer. Shepelev sure she will be an example for all who were in a similar situation and suffering from this deadly disease.

Dmitry Shepelev: “I took Jeanne on a film that nobody will see»

At a press conference the presenter spoke about the book, which was dedicated to the departed singer. Dmitry Shepelev told reporters that filmed a documentary about Jeanne Friske, but to release it in light of not planning, as they have not managed to record an interview with the main character.

Book Dmitry Shepelev “Jeanne”. The first excerpts

The work of the TV presenter began to discuss it before it was released. And in the program “Let them talk” the civil spouse Zhanna Friske gave his most candid interview. Dmitry talked about how to live a year without his wife and felt while writing his work.

Dmitry Shepelev used the handwriting of Jeanne Friske in his book

Graphologist recreated the writing style of the late singer. The inscription will adorn the book of journalist, which will soon be available in bookstores. The work of Dmitry Shepelev is called “Jeanne. Love and disease in the history of the life of Jeanne Friske”.

Aslan Akhmadov has published an unknown photo shoot Zhanna Friske

Former member of “the Voice” has made a real gift to fans of the stars. The man had never published pictures of the famous singer, which were made on film. Subscribers men admire a series of luxurious frames.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

In the Network appeared a rare shot of Janna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev

In the network appeared the archival photo of a pair made for a friend’s birthday singer – stylist and presenter Vlad Lisovets. The man remembered the past and wrote that life goes on. Subscribers Lisovets were touched by his publication history, where Vlad shared on social networks.

Sculptors have created a monument to Jeanne Friske. THE FIRST PHOTO

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

The family’s lawyer, it is Called “the Money shot of the singer some Joan Shepeleva»

It is known that when the actress was sick and was in critical condition, she was granted a civilian spouse. At the disposal of “StarHit” was the document under which withdrawals from the accounts of stars produced Shepelev under a false name.

The country remembers Zhanna Friske in her birthday

Departed singer would have turned 42 years old. Zhanna Friske was not a year ago, a star died after a long battle with brain cancer. In your birthday, she always received lots of congratulations and flowers. “Darling, dear, honey, light our, today you would have turned 42. It’s been a year, still can’t believe you’re not with us anymore. Let there in heaven you’ll have it all good! Asterisk our bright, we all love and will never forget you. Good on you, angel,” these words leave fans of Jeanne.

Natalia Friske: “I always dreamed of singing with Joan in a duet»

July 11 at Alexey Kozlov club hosted the first concert in memory of the famous singer in the charity project “Zhanna Friske – I’m there!”. Thursday with the support of the organizer of the event Alexey Holoptsev on the basis of the producer Center Igor Sandler held a press conference with the participation of the Friske family.

Vladimir Friske sues “Rusfond»

Charitable organization refuses to provide reports on the movements of funds, designed for treatment of his daughter. Vladimir Friske intends to defend the good name of his family and to understand where the money collected for Zhanna Friske whole country.

Dog died of Zhanna Friske

A dog who performed with the singer to her last days, died tragically. According to Natalia Friske, Jack Russell Terrier got under the wheels of a vehicle, the details of the accident is unknown. The family grieved the loss of a pet. The second dog Zhanna Friske breed also suffers from health problems. Ulius after the death of the owner was diagnosed with cancer. Natalia Friske is fighting for the dog’s life, takes her on chemotherapy treatments and walks with her.

Natalia Friske: “Shepelev could not be novel with my friend Jeanne»

An open letter to the TV presenter sparked rumors of his possible fiancee. The appeal to Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev has mentioned about a certain woman who helped him overcome a deep depression after the death of the singer. As it turned out, no romantic relationship between close friends Jeanne can not be. Sister of the singer Natalia Friske has confirmed this fact. “All this is nonsense. Xenia married for many years. She has a son and even a grandson”, – said the “StarHit” Natalia.

Saved by Zhanna Friske children left her a touching message

The kids who helped the singer turned to her in letters. “StarHit” learned how to feel the children that continue to live thanks to the help of Jeanne Friske. In memory of her girls wrote the letter where told about how she changed their lives.

100 extremely rare photos of Zhanna Friske

Valuable for all who loved Jeanne, were pictures published of her close friends, for example, Olga Orlova, Ekaterina Colour, Oksana Stepanova. This, perhaps, Friske could only know them. Gentle, sensitive, sometimes tired, but so dear and close… Now, thanks to the friends star, real Zhanna Friske can read and her fans. “StarHit” has collected a unique archive photos of the departed singer’s eyes close.

Dmitry Shepelev in a letter to Jeanne Friske: “I am once again frustrated, accusing you that left me betrayed»

The presenter turned to his beloved a year after her death. In the words of the showman, for a long time he could not come to yourself and realize what really happened. Also Dmitry Shepelev said that during the year there was a woman who tried to save him from despair.

A close friend Friske: “Joan wanted a big wedding, chose a dress»

Kate Tsvetova gave an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. Friend Zhanna Friske for the first time told how they were looking for an apartment in Miami, learned about pregnancy of the singer and how shortly before the death of the actress went to the priest-Confessor.

Natalia Friske: “I tried to tell Joan that she is pregnant, but to me it was not allowed»

On the eve of the anniversary of the death of the singer, her sister gave the first candid interview. The woman told about what happened to the things Jeanne , what secrets are stored in her cellphone and what she thought she was sick. “In the last day of her life I wasn’t there. June 13 I found out she was pregnant. Arrived June 15, to talk to Jeanne. But she had the Allergy, so I it was not allowed. The same day sister died. The funeral was held on for dear life. But then all these nerves… I lost the baby,” admitted Natalia.

Mother Zhanna Friske: first detailed story about the illness of the daughter

Olga Kopylov gave an interview to the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. Mother of the singer remembered about the brightest moments in the life of Jeanne Friske told about how her family is going through the most terrible and irreparable loss.”Plato was constantly near the room of his and Jeanne stood opposite, – told Olga. – He talked to my mother, approached her, stroked her hair, touched her fingers. Jeanne could not believe that she would leave. Never talked about death, she knew that she was sick, but never talked about death. But God decided it so”.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Mother Zhanna Friske: “If the daughter knew that she was sick, she would not give birth»

Olga Kopylov gave an interview to the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. Mother of Jeanne Friske told how he survived this terrible year after leaving his daughter. On the eve of the anniversary of the death star Olga Kopylova showed the apartment of the actress, where she was happy and frankly told about the relations with the civil husband of the daughter of Dmitry Shepelev.

Son of Janna Friske became interested in aerial acrobatics

Three-year-old boy made a striking success in the sport. Together with his father Dmitry Shepelev, the child has tried himself as a gymnast. Many have noted the agility and fearlessness of Plato.

The family’s lawyer Friske: “We will fight in the same way as Dmitry Shepelev»

In Moscow was held a regular meeting of the court. The question of communicating relatives of Jeanne with a little Plato remains open. The family’s lawyer Friske intends to defend the rights of their clients. “Thank you members of Shepeleva at least for what they objectively explain their position. No supernatural claims he doesnít have, and the court took time for consideration of documents. Therefore the meeting is postponed to July 15. “said the family’s lawyer Friske.

Earned the charity project “Zhanna Friske – I’m there!»

The organizers plan to help the orphans. The first event was a concert of memory of the singer, which took place on 11 July. The artists performed songs of Zhanna Friske in unexpected arrangements.

Father Zhanna Friske requires “Rusfond” account information daughter

The singer’s father wants to know what amounts and when transferred to her treatment. Vladimir Borisovich Friske wrote an appeal to the “Rusfond” with a request to provide data on the movement of funds that have been transferred to the organization for Jeanne.

The family of Jeanne Friske met with her son after years of separation

Dmitry Shepelev allowed the relatives of the singer to see the boy. According to Natalia Friske, the kid is incredibly similar to his mother. At the meeting relatives of the dearly departed actress could not hold back tears. “Was my mom and I, – has shared with “StarHit” Natasha Friske. – Dad could not, he was unwell. Dima himself chose the site, he was accompanied by three guards, also observed the meeting of a family therapist. God, Plato – copy mother. Immediately recognized my grandmother and I called aunt Tata. Are unable to hold back the tears, because I haven’t seen our boy. The psychologist was asked to take himself in hand. Talked about half an hour. Gave talking about toys. I hope that we will see”.

“Rusfond” again asked the court to search for the missing money Friske

Charitable organization appealed the denial to Institute criminal proceedings. This situation has arisen from the fact that still has not been provided with a report of more than 20 millions of rubles collected for treatment Janna Friske.

Father Zhanna Friske: “Dima, I’m with you don’t want to put up»

Vladimir Borisovich hoped that through the courts he will be able to achieve the right to see your grandchild. The conflict between the family of Jeanne Friske and its civil husband Dmitry Shepelev lasts for almost a year. The parties can’t come to a solution peacefully. In early June should be a meeting of the court, which will determine the order of meetings of the son of the singer with her parents.

Dmitry Shepelev every day tell her son about mom

TV presenter admitted that constantly reminisces about Jeanne Friske. Little Plato knows that his mom is always there. Dmitry Shepelev has a son in the measure strictly, dress to your liking and develops his intelligence. “An interesting coincidence: recently my son and I had dinner in a cafe, where I had often been with Jeanne. And for dessert, from many options, he chose carrot cake. Delicious, ask. – Very! – Did you really like? – Yeah! So, not knowing he had chosen a favorite dessert of Joan in this cafe. Of course, I told him about it”, – said Dmitry.

The lawyer, it is Called “the Mother of Jeanne was not summoned for questioning»

The family of the late singer is outraged by the incorrect information in the press. Parent stars were not invited to the police to clarify the circumstances of the case of the missing millions “Rusfond”. “That’s not true, in any interrogation, the singer’s family was not. We continue to work with lawyers Dmitry Shepelev”, – said the lawyer.

The scandalous conversation of prankery with Friske and Shepelev have aired

During the transfer NTV “call” Vova, and Lexus tried to put Dmitry Shepelev Vladimir Borisovich to the negotiating table. Despite many disagreements, both sides expressed the willingness to meet each other in the interests of a small Plato.

The family of Jeanne Friske gave the answer prankery

The singer’s father does not want personal information was aired. Mr B. sent a letter to the head of the channel. He believes that his rights were violated. It outraged that leading wormed family secrets under false pretenses.

Parents and son Zhanna Friske to share it

The family of the singer and her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev as the official guardian of the son of Plato came into some inheritance. However, how much money will be divided relatives Janna Friske, is still unknown.

Mother Zhanna Friske for the first time spoke about the missing millions

Olga for a long time was silent. Scandal from-for collected for treatment Janna Friske money affected the mental state of her mother. The woman is hard to endure the attacks on her family.

The family of Jeanne Friske and Dmitry Shepelev will meet in court

The parties are preparing for trial. The family of the late singer Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev will try to come to a common opinion in sharp conflict, which lasted for several months.

Star lawyer: Soon, everyone will know who “stole” $ 20 million collected for Zhanna Friske

Alexander Dobrovinsky said that soon the whole truth will open. For a long time in the case of the missing money that the entire country was collected for the treatment of a seriously ill singer, there was no progress. Apparently, the situation has changed, and the consequence managed to find out who actually is guilty in the disappearance of large sums.

Olga Orlova spoke about the conflict of the father Friske and Shepelev

Friend of the tragically deceased singer was first told about what he thinks about the intense relationship of her family. Olga Orlova would like to reconcile the family of Jeanne and the civil husband of actress Dmitry Shepelev.

The family of Jeanne Friske could not see Plato in his celebration

Sister of the singer told why it happened. Natalia Friske congratulated the kid on his page in Instagram and admitted that she loves him more than life itself. “Dima took the Platosha, – has shared with “StarHit” the sister of Joan, Natalia Friske. – It seems that in Belarus. So to congratulate him failed. I hope that as soon as he comes back, that will allow us to meet our beloved boy»

Natalia Friske touching congratulated nephew

Son of Jeanne Friske Plato was three years old. Natalia wrote on his page on “Instagrame” warm words addressed to the beloved nephew. Sister of the singer admitted that she loves the baby more than life itself.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Vladimir Friske: “Dmitry Shepelev trying to come to peace»

Father of Jeanne Friske has commented on the rumors that the broadcaster does not allow him to celebrate his grandson. This week a little Plato will celebrate its third anniversary, and the singer’s family would be with him that day.

Former producer Zhanna Friske could be her husband

Andrew Ivan was frankly told about the affair with the star. He said that made Jeanne Friske offer of marriage, but she refused. About incurable disease, the singer’s producer found out one of the last.

Contender for the paternity of the son of Zhanna Friske for the first time told the truth

32-year-old lawyer Radik Gushchin asked for forgiveness from the family of the singer. The man admitted that he did not want to hurt the family and friends of Jeanne Friske, and therefore considers it his duty to tell, how all was actually. “I never knew Jeanne,” admitted Gushchin.

Son of Janna Friske will stay with the father.

“StarHit” set up a meeting Natalia Friske with the psychic. Mohsen Norouzi predicted that the relatives of the singer will soon see Plato, but to live the boy stays with dad, and in their family it’s a girl – a copy of Jeanne.

Video memory of Jeanne Friske moved fans to tears

Video Olga Orlova “goodbye my friend” has caused strong emotions among the fans of the singer. Soulful lines of the song under the video, with the participation of a bygone Zhanna Friske left no one indifferent.

The father of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev did not appear in court

Moscow hosted the first session of the court in which the family of Jeanne Friske trying to negotiate with Dmitry Shepelev about communicating with Plato. At present the process only representatives of both parties and the man who calls himself the possible father of the son of the singer. “StarHit” published the first photo from the courtroom.

Olga Orlova told how a son of Zhanna Friske

How grows a little son of Jeanne Friske Plato, Olga Orlova has told on air of the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov. “Plato is a wonderful, active, cheerful, smart kid, – shared the singer. – Already said. I love your godson, see him as often as possible. I will try to be a good godmother”.

Olga Orlova released the song in memory of Jeanne Friske

The singer said that it was her duty to tell the world about your favorite friend. Olga Orlova, Zhanna Friske, many years were inseparable. Closest person to the dearly departed star felt it necessary to write her a song that will resonate in the hearts of millions of people.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

In the case of the millions collected for Zhanna Friske is new information

The investigation finds out what happened to the debt to “Rusfond”. Relatives of the star are only partially reported missing from the account of Jeanne Friske amount of money. “The answer came that the account of Zhanna Friske, where the “Rusfond” sent donations, the singer’s father Vladimir Borisovich transfers or withdrawals not been made,” explained a source from the Investigative Committee.

Father of Jeanne Friske intends to sue “Rusfond»

Vladimir Friske is outraged that their family was accused of stealing. Relatives of Jeanne Friske said that they are ready to be accountable for every ruble spent, and all payment documents they have saved.

Father Zhanna Friske: “We do not take extra»

And not waiting for the report disappeared from the account of Joan of any money from the Friske family, nor from Dmitry Shepelev, the charity organization “Rusfond” appealed to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with the request to excite criminal case on the fact of theft of funds. “The card with money from the “Rusfond” we had only a month and a half, and for all waste produced at this time, we will report, – said Vladimir Friske “StarHit”. – Anything extra we haven’t.”

The father of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev came to court

Today, the Khamovniki court of Moscow held its first meeting to discuss the order of communication of the parents of Zhanna Friske with her grandson. The whole country followed the development of the story and, perhaps, every second is discussing the details of family drama.

The book is about Jeanne Friske was published in an edition of 500 copies

Initially, the nurse Kristina rose, who became a writer, planned to release a book about the life of Jeanne Friske called “Cardiogram of life” in the fall, as already wrote “StarHit”. However, there was some difficulty in printing the writer was asked to correct the manuscript. The first biography of Zhanna Friske was released only in December.

Father Zhanna Friske: “Dima, I’ll treat you like a son!»

The conflict between father Zhanna and her civil husband lasts for six months, from the date of death of the singer. They can not share custody of two-year-old son of actress Plato. But I think both are tired of the struggle. Vladimir Borisovich admitted to “StarHit” that for the sake of the grandson wants to make peace with Dimitri.

Sister Jeanne Friske remembered the last new year’s eve singer

On the eve of Natalya Friske shared his memories of how it was last New year celebration with her sister. Cousin of Jeanne Friske told about the dream of the artist and what make a wish under the chiming clock.

Family Friske: “We have no idea who Rick is»

Not had native Zhanna Friske to move away from the scandal with Dmitry Shepelev, as a new burst. This time someone Radik Gushchin said that he’s a real two-year-old Plato. According to 32-year-old lawyer Gushchina, three years ago he had an affair with Joan, however, is short – from June to August 2012. And then the singer informed him that she was pregnant. However, the “StarHit” managed to find out that the Friske family are not even familiar with Radik.

Property Zhanna Friske may be sold for debts

Charitable organization that raised money for treatment Janna Friske, for several months waiting for a report from the relatives of the singer. As written on the official website, 14 December Rusfond handed to the notary, who leads the case of stars, the statement of claims to hereditary property.

In the Church where baptized Jeanne Friske, held a memorial service for her

Zhanna Friske passed away in June of this year. The artist died in Moscow after a long battle with brain cancer. “Yesterday, in elohovskom Cathedral Requiem for the deceased servant of God Jeanne (baptism of Anne). To honor the memory of the singer came hundreds of people. They put candles to the icon of Kazan mother of God, wrote little notes”, – told the “StarHit” the servant of the Church, father Alexander.

Six months without Zhanna Friske: poignant quotes singer

Six months ago after a long battle with brain cancer the singer is gone but her work lives on. In addition, numerous fans of the actress read an interview with Jeanne and discovering new facets of her personality and soul, which has always been open and kind.

Relatives of Janna Friske shared the inheritance

Attempts to divide the custody of the only son of actress finally broke relatives of Jeanne with her civil husband and father two years Platon Dmitry Shepelev. The stumbling block was the legacy, because before the death star never wrote a will.

Zhanna Friske: rare photos of the singer

Today, relatives counted out exactly six months from that day, as they did not Jeanne. All these months, every day, the fans never stopped thinking of his idol warm words. Some were dedicated the verses of a dead star, others created collages from pictures Friske and her son Platon to at least a two year old child was able to be around her mother. “StarHit” gathered some of the most touching family photos.

The last portrait of Jeanne Friske will save the life of a child

The artist Nikas Safronov will put a picture up for auction, and the funds collected will list the 11-year-old Natasha Dolmatova from Perm. She is suffering from brain cancer – illness, who have struggled the singer.

Close Zhanna Friske about her relationship with Dmitry Shepelev. Online report

The family of the dearly departed singer appeared in the Studio program “Let them talk”, to tell the truth about what really connected Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev. Relatives of the actress are still trying to achieve the right to see a little of Plato, but to negotiate with the father of the child they fail.

Dmitry Shepelev afraid for her son’s life

The father of Jeanne Friske after her death, has not formed a good relationship with her family. Now, according to Dmitry, the situation got out of control. In this regard, Shepelev was forced for the first time to appeal to the public to tell their version of what’s going on between him and the father of Jeanne. TV presenter has published a video message in which it is recognized that the recent meeting with Vladimir Borisovich turned to him and a little Plato, a lot of stress.

Olga Orlova spoke about the son of Zhanna Friske

After nearly six months after the death of Jeanne Friske’s best friend stars Olga Orlova spoke about what she feels. The ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” admitted that he still cannot believe what happened and more concerned about the fate of her son untimely death of a friend. Orlov noted that the young Plato became special for her godson, and she feels an incredible responsibility for him. Olga was also added that the child, no one can replace mom, but the singer herself will do everything possible to Plato always felt a happy child and understand what its like.

Sister Jeanne Friske sees her in her sleep

So far family and friends can’t accept the irreparable loss. Natalia Friske admitted in the social network that sees every day of his beloved sister in a dream. Also, she recognizes that misses Joan and can’t keep quiet about it.

Native Zhanna Friske determined by the monument on her grave

The family of Jeanne Friske plans to erect a monument on the grave of the singer. Relatives of the tragically deceased stars are in search of a suitable sketch. In social networks, they reached out to fans Friske requested to voice their ideas. While the family of the artist decided to with the monument in full growth, where Joan would be in a white dress.

The girl who saved Zhanna Friske, urgently need treatment

Natasha Dolmatova was in the number of children who “Respond” allocated part of the funds collected for treatment Janna Friske. 11-year-old girl underwent a course in Germany, and she got better. A month ago she was examined and doctors discovered she had a metastasis. At the moment the girl needs help of qualified professionals. The chances of recovery, but only under the condition that it will be possible to eliminate the metastasis. To do this, the family of Natasha Dolmatova need to collect 200 thousand euros. The girl’s mother appealed to the public asking for help.

Olga Orlova will release a video clip dedicated to Jeanne Friske

A close friend of Jeanne Friske, Olga Orlova after the tragedy is gradually returning to normal life. The singer recorded a song called “Bird” and filmed a video for it. Lyrical song attracted the attention of not only fans of the eagles, but Friske, because many felt that the song is devoted to her. Nevertheless, the very Olga Orlova said that it is not so, and she will devote Jeanne, another single, which will present a little later.

The family of Jeanne Friske pursues a maniac

A strange man regularly refers to the family members of Zhanna Friske with a proposal to freeze the body and rebury it. The frightened relatives of Jeanne assure that the unknown male appears in their field of vision whenever they come to her grave. According to Natalia Friske, a stranger handed her a letter in which he announced his proposals and threatened with dire consequences if they don’t follow his recommendations.

Natalia Friske: “Shepelev specially brought dad!»

The conflict that arose between the family of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev, is gaining momentum. This time the father of the singer has addressed in police with the statement that he received threats from Vladimir Borisovich Friske. The presenter also provided the audio, which was dubbed the claims and threats of the father of the singer. Later this ambiguous situation said, and the sister of the artist. Natalia Friske said that Dmitry Shepelev specially brought her father to this state, that he could have recorded the threats and later to use it in court.

Natalia Friske told about the relationship with Dmitry Shepelev

Unexpected scandal turned into a fellowship of sisters of Zhanna Friske with her fans on Instagram. Natalia daily treated hundreds of people with words of support. Sometimes the singer’s fans are asking her family questions, truthful answers to which would give only them. It happened at this time when the followers of Natalia Friske in the microblogging said she, do it with a little Plato. Sister stars instantly gave a negative answer, explaining that the father of her nephew against the fact that she talked to the boy. Also, she added that relations with Dmitry Shepelev her family to establish and failed.

The family of Jeanne Friske told, what will be the monument on her grave

This winter, the parents of Jeanne Friske plan to install a marble monument on her grave, which is only a wooden cross. Sister of the actress appealed to fans of the stars in the social network and invited them to participate in the creation of the sketch of the monument. Many who knew and loved Jeanne, with great attention, reacted to this request and willingly shared their thoughts. Some suggested the use of the monument the image of dogs who so loved Friske, while others decided that angel wings would look much more appropriate. Actress not yet decided on the choice and continues to study the proposals of interested people.

Nurse of the cancer center wrote a book about Janna Friske

Fan star Kristina rose for many years followed the life and work of the beloved singer, and when the whole country was shocked with the news of the death of Jeanne Friske, especially imbued with its history. She decided to write a book about his idol, which he called “Cardiogram of life.” Creation fans of the actress appreciated the close Friske. The singer’s father admitted that when he read the book, dedicated to the memory of his daughter, I cried all night. This fall fans of Zhanna Friske will be able to buy a book about it and once again to recall the brightest moments of her career.

Scammers extort money to cure sister Jeanne Friske

After almost three months after the tragedy there were people who wished to capitalize on the grief of the family Friske. In the Network and then began to report about the sudden illness of his sister Zhanna Friske Natalia. The attackers announced the collection of funds for the treatment of girls and shamelessly published an emotional message on behalf of most of Natalia. Pretty soon the sister of the actress clarified the situation and warned all concerned that we should not believe such messages. Natasha Friske appealed to the administration of social network “Vkontakte” with a request to block pages “clones”.

In a network there was a touching photo of Zhanna Friske with her son

Sister Jeanne Friske Natalia has published on his page “Vkontakte” photo collages of his nephew, son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev Plato. They boy was captured together with my mom when visiting the zoo, with your favorite aunt and uncle. Jeanne looks at a beloved child’s eyes, full of happiness and love.

Dmitry Shepelev returned home on the day of the birth of Jeanne Friske

July 8, 2015 Zhanna Friske would have turned 41 years old. Friends and family of the dearly departed singer with early morning publish her pictures in their microblogs, sharing memories about her and leave kind words in its address. Early in the morning the mother of the actress Olga Vladimirovna, sister Natalia and friend Olga Orlova and civil husband Dmitry Shepelev visited her grave.

Son of Janna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev similar to both parents

Attention of the media is now focused on the son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev. That after the death of his mother the boy is in Bulgaria, it became clear soon after the death of Jeanne. Plato is taken care of – he is now the star father who dedicates the boy one hundred percent of the time. The family has a rest in the apartment of Philip Kirkorov, who kindly provided the housing young father and two year old baby.

The family of Jeanne Friske can not pay the debts for her treatment

The family of Jeanne Friske have to pay for her treatment in USA. The score on 106 thousand dollars is still not closed, and the clinic in Miami, which was undergoing Jeanne, persistently sends the financial documents to the address of the Friske family. About why this is happening, broadcast REN-TV said Jeanne’s father Vladimir Borisovich.

Zhanna Friske: How far can a scandal?

Less than a month since the death of Jeanne Friske, and already a new scandal erupted associated with the identity of the star. A series of programs devoted to discussing the circumstances of her departure from life, has spawned a wave of discussions, arguments and quite unexpected conclusions. The outrage caused a sharp position of the father of Jeanne expressed in the program “live”. Later the conflict has been developed with the participation of Joseph Kobzon and the public “Vkontakte”.

Son of Janna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev has found a new home

“StarHit” I learned that Plato now lives in the apartment of Philip Kirkorov in Bulgaria. “Philippe has long offered Joan to take a child there to relax. I thank him for that much! – shared with “StarHit” father of singer Vladimir Borisovich. Now Plato lives in the apartment Kirkorov, he’s very comfortable there…” Next to the little guy’s nanny and grandmother – mother of Dmitry Natalia. “I also lived with him in Bulgaria, but is now back in Minsk, working – says “StarHit” dad Shepelev Andrei Viktorovich. – Talking about growing. We have not yet told him that his mother was gone. And he still small, do not ask. He loves sea, he loves to swim, run on the sand. With a spatula, buckets fumbling, cars plays, learns to swim. Dima’ll talk to him later. He often arrives. Now in Moscow for work, but soon will be back to the son… talking about will stay in Bulgaria until the end of the summer. In September, Dima is thinking to send him to kindergarten in Moscow, it is time for him to socialize, to socialize with other children, gradually learn.”

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Father of Jeanne Friske not want to talk about Dmitry Shepelev

Father Zhanna Friske appeared on another television show to tell how the family is going through a tragedy and what happens between them and Dmitry Shepelev. Vladimir Borisovich confessed that his wife at the moment is very difficult and she still can not recover from grief. According to the man, Olga leaves the house except to go to the grave of his daughter, communicating with people she tries to avoid. It is interesting that his son-in-law Vladimir Friske said reluctantly. Dropped a couple of careless phrases that between them is not all right, he refused to explain the essence of the conflict in more detail. Father Zhanna Friske gave to understand that he has nothing to reproach Dmitry Shepelev, and there are lots of things he can not forgive him.

After the funeral of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev returned to her son in Bulgaria

It became known that, only pausing in Moscow after the funeral of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev flew to her son in Bulgaria. At the reception at Emerald Beach Resort and Spa located in the resort town of Ravda, Shepeleva met with producer Eugene Friedland, also arrived on the black sea coast with the family. “Dima is doing well! he said in one of the social networks. – And Plato, a son, a good – chubby hero…. And he with him by the hand. A single step doesn’t let go…”. Friedland also said that the seven dwarfs are not fundamentally reading the Internet and watching TV.

Zhanna Friske video clips

Last three days were spent in a tragic tone, we said goodbye to singer Zhanna Friske, which death became a personal tragedy not only for her family and friends, but also for her fans. They say time heals… But the main thing that remains in remaining in this world is the memory of the departed. “StarHit” together, remembers the brightest creative work of Zhanna Friske music videos, performances, filming for television, movies, and videos that create about this amazing person the most complete and accurate picture. We are sure that all who knew and loved Jeanne will remember her exactly as she was in the picture once the camera.


Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Mother Zhanna Friske: life for the family

Two years, during which Zhanna Friske struggled with a terrible disease, she was with her family and especially mother Olga Vladimirovna Kopylova. She helped her daughter with a small Plato, courted, when Joan was ill, with other like-minded people rejoiced when the singer became easier after the experimental vaccine. Unlike his father Vladimir Borisovich Friske, who commented on the condition of his star daughter, was filmed for television and in General was a public figure, mother of Jeanne Friske has always been in the shadows, protecting the peace of his daughter.

In Moscow took place the funeral of Jeanne Friske

After the funeral, the coffin with the body of the singer was moved from the Yelokhovsky Cathedral in Nikolo-Arkhangelsk a cemetery where Zhanna Friske will find its final resting place. Already in the afternoon at the tomb of the star gathered her family and loved ones, as well as focused security. Best friend Janna Friske godmother and her two year old son of Plato Olga Orlova addressed the audience with a speech in which he thanked everyone for their presence, participation and attention to the incident. Orlov expressed gratitude to the friends of Friske for the fact that for almost two years that she struggled with a serious illness, they supported her and believed in the best.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Exclusive photos from the funeral of Jeanne Friske

Among those present were noticed the best girlfriend star Olga Orlova, Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Zverev, Sergey Lazarev, Lera Kudryavtseva, Alexander Peskov, Svetlana Surganova, and others. Also hold your favorite singer in the last path came her many fans. Hundreds of people from all over the country arrived that morning on Nikolo-Arkhangelsk a cemetery with an incredible amount. Farewell to Jeanne Friske has not been easy all present at the funeral

Zhanna Friske funeral where baptized

Singer Zhanna Friske funeral in the same Church where she was baptized. In Yelokhovsky Cathedral in Moscow, the body of the star was taken after the funeral the evening of June 17. In the temple Friske spent the night. In the morning arrived at the scene, relatives, first of all – the civil husband Dmitry Shepelev, which arrived in Moscow last night. “The ceremony will not be closed, – said the “StarHit” representatives of the relatives of the artist. – Those who do not have time to say goodbye to Elya, you can come for a morning Liturgy at 8 am and then stay for the funeral”. About 10 a.m. the ceremony is complete, and the cortege will go on Nikolo-Arkhangelsk a cemetery.

Dmitry Shepelev: Tomorrow Jeanne and we will be together again

Husband Janna Friske Dmitry Shepelev gave an interview to the portal Super.ru. In it he said in part: “Today is farewell ceremony for fans of Joan, to everyone who loves this man and he loves her songs, was able to see her again, because he had not seen her for two years. Tomorrow the most important days for family and for me: Liturgy, funeral, funeral. I’m going to Moscow tonight, and that means that tomorrow we do it again to be together”.

In Moscow said goodbye to Jeanne Friske. Photo essay

June 17 at the concert hall Crocus City Hall hosted the funeral ceremony of farewell with Zhanna Friske. First for the memorial service came, the parents of Jeanne Friske and her sister Natalia. They accompanied the hearse with the body of the singer. All who were present at the farewell ceremony, could not hold back the tears – cried those who knew the singer personally, and those who simply admired her and prayed for her health, when the whole country was shocked with the news of her terrible diagnosis. Memorial service for Jeanne Friske today called on her colleagues – those with whom it is linked long-term friendship and shared creative projects. To say goodbye to Jeanne came Igor Nikolaev, Dmitry Malikov with his wife, Natasha Koroleva, Sergey Lazarev, Katya LEL, Alexander Ovechkin, Mitya Fomin, Emin Agalarov, Angelica and many others.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Zhanna Friske Olga Orlova: the story of true female friendship

Our colleagues from Marie Claire has a story about the relationship of Jeanne Friske and her friends and colleagues in the group “Brilliant” Olga Orlova. They’ve spent half my life literally side by side, only occasionally separated for a short time. In 2014 they celebrated the anniversary of their friendship. Zhanna Friske Olga Orlova were able to make friends. Time heals sorrow and despair from the loss of a best friend with time will subside, and a great happiness to spend the next 20 years near soulmate, to understand each other perfectly and maintain in all – will remain fond memories for which to be grateful. How Orlov and Others have managed to create a unique, only two of them understood the language of communication, about their world and the amazing reciprocity – chitatyte in this article.

The situation with the presence of Dmitry Shepelev at the funeral of Jeanne Friske not clear

At the farewell ceremony with Jeanne Friske in Crocus City Hall, many have been wondering why the late civil husband Dmitry Shepelev was not among relatives. The coffin with the body of Joan was sitting her father and mother, sister Natalia and her husband Sergei, but it was not the man she loved. According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the reason is that Dmitri wasn’t in time to fly out of Bulgaria, where together with her parents and son Plato. It was expected that the presenter will be in Moscow the night before the funeral, which will take place on June 18. Plato will remain abroad, the family decided not to traumatize the boy a part in the ceremonies.

In Moscow held a memorial service for Jeanne Friske. ONLINE BROADCAST

In Moscow at Crocus City Hall held a farewell ceremony with Jeanne Friske. Will be able to come here as friends and family of the singer and her enthusiasts. Since the morning at the entrance to the place of farewell gathered an incredible amount of people. The beginning of the funeral ceremony is scheduled for 14:00, but people began to gather much earlier. “StarHit” will broadcast live from the event. Interviews with the stars and ordinary fans, people who knew and loved her, actual photos appear in this material in real-time.

Became known details of the funeral of Jeanne Friske

Became known new details of farewell to the singer Zhanna Friske. After civil funeral in “Crocus city Hall” body of the singer will be transported to one of the capital’s churches. According to Orthodox tradition, the coffin will stay in the temple all night. Thursday morning in the same Church in the presence of relatives and close friends of Joan the funeral service will be held. The singer will be buried on Nikolo-Arkhangelsk a cemetery. Then in one of the best Moscow restaurants will be a funeral here and invited only the relatives of the singer.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Father Zhanna Friske: “I understand that there are no miracles»

Edition of the program “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov was dedicated to the memory of Jeanne. It featured the first interview of the father of singer Vladimir Borisovich, after the death of the singer. “All this time we were hoping for. Thought that some miracle will happen. I understand that miracles do not happen – not hiding tears, said Vladimir Borisovich. – She gave birth in April and got sick after two months. I had thought that this is due to her pregnancy. We had already sent to die. Good for her, she pulled through. Went positive trend, it is once behind the wheel even went, she lost… When she regained consciousness, we slowly included her songs, she was responsive and she was getting better. I know she’s better off there than here. I don’t know how I will live now. Only the grandson will remind us of her.” To honor the memory of Jeanne also came her best friend Olga Orlova, the composer Igor Krutoy, singer Valeria, singer Natasha Koroleva, stylist Vlad Lisovets and other stars. They not only shared experiences, but also recalled lighter moments associated with Zhanna Friske.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Family of Jeanne Friske told about the last days of her life

In the program “live” Boris Korchevnikov about the last days of the life of Jeanne Friske told her family and friends. Short interviews were made by the sister of the singer Natalia. She said that on June 13 Jeanne lost consciousness, and the last two days of his life were spent lying in bed at home unconscious. Father Zhanna Friske Vladimir Borisovoi also made a brief statement. “Chose the nearest cemetery — Nikolo-Arkhangelsk. Dmitry wrote that the nearest plane crashes, but when I get back, I don’t know. Plato is now in Bulgaria, which holds the. He literally Sunday left and Monday Jeanne died… The boy is eight months here were only here were walking, we wanted him to rest at sea. She was three months unconscious. And nothing could not speak, she was in a coma. She’s always been close to me and her mother, sister and two friends. Dima was not. Jeanne took a very hard. Doctors could do nothing to help, what was the point to call an ambulance before – there was no pulse already,” dad said singer. Besides him, in the program the opportunity to Express their views had the journalist Otar Kushanashvili, actress and TV presenter Elena Proklova, producer Andrey Razin and other stars.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

In the network appeared the unknown photos of Zhanna Friske

His memories of the years spent close to the star, shared her classmate Natalia Krechetova. The woman admitted that she will never forget my amazing friend and will always remember her bright and cheerful. Also, Natalia said that Zhanna Friske dreamed about a second child and sincerely believed that she has yet to come. “In January, you dreamed about a second child and was full of hope. Sleep, my girl, you continue to live in your son,” wrote a classmate of the star. Krechetova has published on his page on the social network rare photos of a friend. Pictured in open and smiling schoolgirl is easy to learn popular favorite. Such Zhanna Friske remember classmates, friends, colleagues and many fans. These shots really never been seen before, they are unique in its kind.

Dad Dmitry Shepelev: “funeral of Plato we do not take

It is known that at the point of care Zhanna Friske from the life around her was not her husband and son: TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev Plato and small a few days earlier had gone on holiday to Bulgaria, where they were waited already by parents of Dima, Andrey and Natalia Shepeleva. “StarHit” contacted the dad of the presenter to Express his condolences. «Thank You. We’re holding. We are all now very heavy, – said Andrei Shepelev. We are now trying to depart from Burgas together with Dima, Plato. This, of course, there are problems with the tickets. Plato is still small. We he is not talking about the fact that his mom is no more… For the funeral too, do not take…»

“Dima Shepelev kept to the last»

Brand Director ELLE Natalia shkuleva told about the son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev. “The morning of June 14 Andrey (Malakhov – approx. ed.) returned from Baku, − has shared with “StarHit” Natalia. – Waiting for Luggage at the airport “Domodedovo” and suddenly saw Dima Shepelev, he was holding a diaper and a bottle of water. Around it without stopping running a little Plato. Very funny guy with a trendy haircut, similar to Jeanne and Dima at the same time. I said, “hi! What’s up?”Plato embarrassed, sat on the floor and hugged my dad’s leg. But curiosity took over, the baby began to flirt: “ku-Ku” − and then hid. Dima began to chat, it turned out, they flew to Bulgaria. Dima held on and tried not to show it, although we knew that the situation in the family is critical.”

Dmitry Shepelev commented on the death of Jeanne Friske

Shortly after it became known about the death of Jeanne Friske, her common-law husband, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev commented on the death of his civil wife Zhanna Friske. The touching note he wrote on the page in “Facebook”. “We have always said: “Happiness loves silence”. I stay true to these words, because Jeanne remains for me the absolute, pure, unmistakable happiness. We never gave up and fought to win. They say 2 years in this situation a lot. But, of course, for us it is very little. I do know that we would not be able to cope without you. I want to thank everyone who donated money for treatment Jeanne, prayed for her health, just thought about it, wished happiness and strength. Want you to know that these two years is largely to your credit. Thank You! I wish health to you and your loved ones. And soon would like to focus on helping those who like us, did not give up and fights for health and life.”

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Son of Janna Friske will educate Dmitry Shepelev and Olga Orlova?

About who after the death of Jeanne Friske will remain her son, Platon, who will take the effort to educate, said the father of singer Vladimir Borisovich. “The child needs his father to stay. If we will give, will be allowed to be raised, we’ll help him train, of course. Where do we keep it? He will have no one,” said the man. Note that in addition an active part in the education of Plato takes his godmother Olga Orlova. At any minute the ex-“brilliant” and tries to be near the baby. “Talking about grew up practically on my hands, I was with him a little in America, then in Latvia we have a very close relationship,” Orlov said earlier about the relationship with the son.

Жанна Фриске: смерть певицы, детали похорон, фото

Remember Jeanne Friske: unique photos of the singer

Zhanna Friske was a multi-talented person: she not only sang and danced well, but without having drama training, has achieved great success in film, starring in several acclaimed projects. The singer liked to try everything new and unknown: on account of her experiments in the circus, on a skating rink on a desert island. Participation in the project “Last hero” showed the audience a brand new Joan, her courage surprised and a solid position in life called respect. And still in the life of Joan was her family. Her closest people were my parents, sister Natalia, civil husband Dmitry Shepelev and son Platon.

Son Friske Plato is with his father

“StarHit” managed to contact a neighbour of the family Friske, living near their country house in the suburbs. The man told about what was the last few months of the life of the singer and who was her only son.

“Recently, Jeanne was worse – says “StarHit” neighbor Friske, Sergei. – Remember, before she walked, then began to move with mom, leaning on her, and then completely stopped… Son of Joan Plato was with her parents, Vladimir and Olga. With her was a nurse-assistant, Jeanne’s parents had too hard, they tried not to show the kid his emotions”.

Later it became known that a few days before the death of Jeanne Friske Plato together with his father Dmitry Shepelev flew abroad. Most likely, we are talking about Bulgaria: it was on the flight to this country the family was recorded recently in one of the capital’s airports. Plato has not said that his mother was no more.

Stars mourn the death of Jeanne Friske

Shocking news about the death of Jeanne Friske has appeared in the dead of night, but the stars were quick to react to it immediately. A social network full of sorrowful comments, condolences and emotional statements. Here are just some of them:

Philip: “Goodbye, my love, Jeanne… Goodbye, friend… a True friend… I’m crying… this is unbelievable… It’s cruel…”.

Lera Kudryavtseva: “The girl is my favorite… Goodbye, my beautiful, kind, gentle friend. You are forever in my heart sweetie. I can’t believe, why ????????? I pay”.

Olga Orlova: “Goodbye, my girl… Sleep peacefully… You will forever remain in my heart…»

Psychic on the death of Jeanne Friske: “She was not allowed to celebrate 40th anniversary»

Many still remember how 8 Jul 2014 the singer was scouted at the celebration of her birthday in Jurmala. The actress was 40 years old and, as you know, many prefer not to hold celebrations and not to celebrate this day of superstition, but for the stars was very important in such a difficult period to gather at the table of your favorite people and spend time with them. “StarHit” contacted a famous psychic Daria Mironova to see how the last days of the life of Joan and what she Mironov connects the care of the singer. As it turned out, a participant of “Battle of psychics” tend to believe that Zhanna Friske, unwittingly, hastened the day of his death.

Sister Jeanne Friske on the day of her death received the gift of the icon

As it turned out, shortly before the death of Jeanne Friske her sister Natalia received from her mother-in-law a long — awaited gift-a hand-embroidered beaded icon St. Matrona. Natalia shared some news that received this gift on his page “Vkontakte” in the day, when there was her sister. This icon was given to the nearest relative of Joan to ensure that she could pray for her health and well-being.

Zhanna Friske in an interview, photos, and quotes

The projects of the publishing house Hearst Shkulev Media mourn Jeanne Friske and mention of what she was: cheerful, kind, open and very optimistic. Jeanne was infected with his energy all around, and there was a man who would treat her without sympathy. In our collection – the most vivid scenes from the interview Friske, her photographs and quotations that reveal the character and essence of this amazing woman. Here and her confession about how she relates to others her people, in the magazine Marie Claire: “Very often I give people lots of different qualities, and then very much disappointed… I don’t like to judge people, but to learn from them I really like. Sitting, listening, mouth open, to absorb like a sponge”. And poignant words about God: “I pray THEE. Instead of just telling myself those words, and now I feel every letter,” it was for the magazine “StarHit” and a beautiful photo collection of ELLE.

Zhanna Friske will be buried in Moscow

Confirmed information about the death of the singer Zhanna Friske, her family announced that her final resting place she will find in Moscow. Initially it was not clear what the cemetery and when the singer will be buried. Later it became known that we are talking about Nikolo-Archangel cemetery. Commenting on the incident, relatives of the stars were stingy with words. “Unfortunately, Jannacci is no longer with us,” said her father Vladimir Borisovich. “It was not in Moscow. I really hard,” said a friend, the singer and former soloist of the “Brilliant” Olga Orlova.

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