Жанна Фриске после смерти помогает чужим детям
The singer’s name today is associated with good deeds.

Zhanna Friske son Plato

Photo: Instagram.com

Despite the fact that Jeanne Friske has no more than a year, thanks to her, the world continues to be good. Recently held a charity concert in memory of the singer. All the money collected from ticket sales, according to organizers, will go to charity.

The event is part of the project “I’m around” created in memory of Jeanne. Under the auspices of this Fund it is planned to hold several charity evenings, the proceeds of which will be sent to orphanages. By the way, since among the artists who have expressed a desire to participate in the concert, many are now on the road, another, more major event decided to hold a fall. Incidentally, at the charity evening was attended by parents Friske. However, as explained by Vladimir Kopylov, there is no direct relationship to the fundraiser to help the kids he has. Jeanne’s father with his wife Olga attended the concert out of respect to the memory of his beloved daughter.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the missing millions “Rusfond” continues. Recently, Vladimir appealed to the Prosecutor General with a request to investigate the activities of the charity organization “Rusfond”: its representatives shortly before the death star was involved in raising funds for treatment of the actress. By the way, father Friske recently admitted that his health because of the constant scandals involving his family, suffered greatly. He fears that this may “leave the light on”.

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