Жанна Эппле день рождения встретила в одиночестве
The actress accepts congratulations, while on tour in Tambov.

Жанна Эппле день рождения встретила в одиночестве

Zhanna Epple

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Zhanna Epple is amazing

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The symbol of the day of birth for Jeanne Epple has become
railway. First calls and SMS with congratulations she received in
night, on the way to Tambov. “I went in the SV-a compartment alone, but maybe this
for the best on the road. Ahead of the tour, love the work. In fact, it is
a good sign for us actors: when is your birthday spend on the stage
so the whole year will be in demand.”

The play, which is tonight in Tambov will be busy
Jeanne, too “themed”. In the stage version of “Anna Karenina” Epple plays
the mother of Vronsky. “And then the theme of the railway! — the actress laughs. — I really
like this production, the Director made an emphasis on passion, and I love to watch
behind the scenes for their colleagues, this is a very unusual play, sensual.”

Of course, in the evening after the play, Joan is waiting for flowers and gifts
from fans. The first surprise she got while in the hotel room.
The actress handed over the cake. And Jeanne herself wants love. “I would like to find
any old thing” — Flirty jokes Epple, which, however, often mistaken for
girlfriend her sister angelina (in the past year the actress has married his older
son of Potap).

By the way, yesterday, when the capital was raging hurricane, Epple too
was in the midst of the disaster. From the balcony of her apartment the wind tore the covering.

Happy Birthday Elya!!

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