Жанна Эппле поразила рассказом о своей невестке
The actress claims that the wife of the son she chose herself.

Jeanne Epple has always impressed fans with his easy nature and incredible optimism. Often, moms sons very jealous of the girls who “encroached on the sacred.” But not Zhanna Epple. She not only approved of his son’s choice Potap and adopted into the family daughter-in-law, she became her second mother.

“When I saw angelina for the first time, I thought, “Lord, I just want grandchildren!” — admitted the actress.

After the wedding Potap on angelina, who was held three years ago, the family appeared not the most simple question — on registration girls. The fact that angelina came to Moscow from Kiev for a loved one, and it was neither your space, nor the Russian citizenship. Despite the criticism of friends, Epple without any doubt ordered the girl into his apartment and issued the necessary papers for getting Russian documents.

Relations mother-in-law and sister-in-law is hardly a “good” — they are perfect! The birthday of angelina Joan posted in his personal blog, which is very touching congratulated her: “the Girl is mine, happy birthday. Please take care of yourself, be sound, happy, loved, possible, wise, kind and generous. Let always accompany good luck and blessing. The perfect recipe of life. With all my love. Mother.”

This year in the star, the family experienced a happy event: in February angelina and Potap made grandma Jeanne. The boy was born in time, he was given his unusual name is Severin.

“I’m a woman, Jeanne — boasted the actress Lera Kudryavtseva in the “million dollar Secret”. North Frez — sounds nice. The next grandchild will probably be to call the South”.