Жанна Эппле рассказала, как гражданский муж избивал её и ребёнка

It always beats – it means love? Famous Russian theater and Film actress Zhanna Epple said that she had to endure, consisting in a civil marriage with Ilya Presom< /strong>. The actress said that her husband raised his hand not only on her but also on her children, and one of these “educational” talks ended with injuries to celebrities and a relationship.

Son of Yefim ex-husband was beaten for educational purposes. Once Jeanne stood up for the child to protect, but the man raised his hand to her. Jeanne has painfully hit the wall with a shoulder, having torn ligaments. Embracing the son, they wept together. The man blurted out “You understand nothing” and slamming the door, left.
Ilya and Zhanna lived in a civil marriage for seventeen years. After leaving the businessman not only did not help Epple and children, but even sued the apartment in which they stayed. Jeanne had to take on every project and at night long hours at work, to somehow make ends meet and to earn money for two children. In addition, they were left homeless, and she had to take an apartment on credit. Now one bedroom apartment in the capital is the only asset that has the actress.

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