Zhanna Epple is preparing for surgery

Жанна Эппле готовится к операции The actress will need to undergo surgery. For a long time, Zhanna Epple couldn’t afford to deal with health – too much time and effort consuming work. And now the star has decided to go to doctors and lie down on the operating table.

      Жанна Эппле готовится к операции

      Recently the actress Jeanne Epple has finished work on the series channel STS “Fugitive family”, where together with Sergey Zhigunov starred in the title role. And now, when four months of hard work behind the celebrity finally find time to pay attention to their health.

      “As a child I was very active,” says Jeanne. – Engaged in artistic gymnastics, ballet, swimming, skating… this now suffer from hypermobility of the joints. Because of this I have operated on almost all joints. And in this lies the reason why I do not participate in the project “Dances with stars” which is my name for many years.”

      According to celebrity, the left hand gives her discomfort for a long time. Brush bad move, disturbing me in work and in life,” says celebrity his illness. Before Epple constantly postponed trip to the doctor – the stars just do not have time for doctors, but have now decided to take for themselves. On the surgery table Jeanne will fall in the Institute of traumatology and orthopedics, the operation will take place in the coming weeks.

      “To fail because it does not expect, – says the artist. – At me even when I had the meniscus surgery, I played in the performance in lengede. However, accounted for with difficulty, and partner Maksim Sukhanov given me the honor and take it away with her.”

      The man actress, whose name she conceals, this occasionally intriguing fans with a joint photo with a young man, favorite supports in such a difficult time. “We are fine and I’m happy to get married but we do not gather” – has commented on a celebrity’s personal life.

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