Жанна Эппле впервые стала бабушкой The actress posted a photo with her newborn grandson. Also Zhanna Epple called the unusual name of the baby. Fans rushed to congratulate the star and wished the boy health and happiness.
Жанна Эппле впервые стала бабушкой

Popular actress Zhanna Epple is quite actively engaged in social networks. She often puts pictures with family members, talking about their successes and achievements. On Sunday, the star decided to show the first picture of his newborn grandchild. Fans came to a complete delight from touching the post.

“Welcome to our home, the North. Comprehend the world as it should be the North – assertive and tight, with your parents We will do everything to get in your way as much as possible difficulties and more heat, wonderful people. You picked a great family,” said Epple.

Fans were delighted with the good news. They congratulated Epple with the completion of the family. “What an unusual name, North. I wish your little one the perfect health and you a lot a lot of patience”, “how lovely! Another boy in your house”, “Very happy for you. The boy is just amazingly beautiful grandmother” – opinions of fans of the stars.

The boy was the firstborn and eldest son of the actress Potap. A few years ago a young man married his lady named angelina. Joan immediately accepted the daughter and began to call her daughter. Recently she had a birthday, and Epple devoted to her touching congratulation.

“Angelina! My girl, happy birthday. Please take care of yourself, be sound, happy, loved, possible, wise, kind and generous. Let always accompany good luck and blessing. The perfect recipe of life. With all my love. Mother,” wrote the actress.

Previously, Epple repeatedly recognized that children are the main joy in her life. Actress alone to raise two sons. Now her heirs 27 and 18 years respectively. Despite the fact that Janna all the time unlucky in love, she found happiness in motherhood.

Fans hope that now the actress will be more likely to share with a newborn grandson, telling about the first days of his life. They are of the star can become a perfect grandmother.