Zhanna Epple almost lost younger son

Жанна Эппле чуть не потеряла младшего сына Recently, the actress became one of the heroines of transmission Oscar Kuchera “the Stars aligned”. Zhanna Epple touched on a painful subject: her youngest son, Yefim Frez, who was born premature, miraculously survived.
Жанна Эппле чуть не потеряла младшего сына

At this time, Zhanna Epple – beloved actress, a happy mother of two children. Recently she became a grandmother: her eldest son Potap child was born. In the past Jeanne had almost lost the younger heir Yefim, who was born premature. About the difficult period in the life of a celebrity said in the program “the Stars aligned”.

According to Jeanne, her during the week were not allowed to son. But, thanks to the wonderful doctors who are literally days and nights spent with the baby (and then Epple wasn’t famous), the boy managed to get out. One of the doctors for five days slept on a cot at the life support machine, which was a little Efim.

“When Efim was born, I realized the value of life. Thanks to him, I suddenly became very Mature. Two months he was in intensive care. I didn’t know whether he will survive or not survive,” Epple changed significantly in the face when he thought about it.

At this time Yefim 17 years old, he recently graduated from the eleventh grade, however, did not become still nowhere to go, and took a break for a year: Frez wants to decide what he wants from life. Moreover, teachers often complained about the poor performance of the guy, and the heir of the actress is not enthusiastic about the study. Jeanne noted that Efim – philosopher by nature and with bitterness adds: the father of the guy is not very interested in his life, at the time, dad replaced the senior to take Potap. At this time Yefim lives in a one bedroom apartment with his mother. Guy reluctantly communicates with peers, he likes reading books. Zhanna Epple is proud to care from her husband

Recall that Jeanne was not very well parted with her lover, cameraman Ilya Frez. Moreover, she told the media he’s very proud of as it was away from Elijah.


“You should have seen how beautiful, elegant and refined, I ran!”, said Epple.
Жанна Эппле чуть не потеряла младшего сына

At this time, the actress is with great pleasure to babysit grandson, who was given the unusual name of Severin and devotes herself to beloved children. Like any mother, she wants to give them the best.

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