Жанна Эппле после операции приступила к работе
The actress decided long vision problems.

Жанна Эппле после операции приступила к работе

Zhanna Epple with her best friend Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @epple.ymnaya (Instagram Zhanna Epple)

In early August, Jeanne Epple needed operational
intervention. Problem 52-year-old actress with vision have decided for one
days, after which she immediately went home.

“I’m not afraid of old age. Think so much about it that is not
I’m afraid, ” said Epple. — I will just live through all the detached and
swelling, pulling and sediments. The varicose veins and hypertension hair loss and
yellowing of the nails. But I miss that then I wouldn’t be able
to work as an actress. Old actress no one needs… Today I had the surgery
eyes. Diagnosis: hypermetropia of a weak degree, presbyopia of both eyes, PRD
of the right eye. Performed prophylactic laser coagulation of the retina.

However, like after any surgery, the body requires a period
recovery. That is why Jeanne spent some time in Moscow,
avoiding loads.

After surgery, Jeanne Epple has continued wears glasses

Photo: @epple.ymnaya (Instagram Zhanna Epple)

However, the actress has already made several international flights,
to get on the set of his next project. Epple feels great, but still, on the advice of doctors, continues to be

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