Zhanna badoeva spoke about the third child

Жанна Бадоева заговорила о третьем ребенке TV presenter commented on the pregnancy rumors. According to star, she would be happy again to become a mother, but until this happy event is not expected. Zhanna badoeva admits that sometimes thinking about the birth of another child.

      Жанна Бадоева заговорила о третьем ребенке

      In August last year, the press were full of bright headlines about a possible pregnancy Zhanna Badoeva. Many then suggested that the presenter and Creator of the popular project “heads and tails” is in a happy anticipation of the baby, after I saw her pictures taken during a holiday with her husband. Celebrity while wearing spacious clothes, but through them you could see really growing belly. Representatives of the star was then rushed to refute the message of journalists that Badoev will be a large mom, but she chose not to speak on this subject.

      Only some time later Jeanne said openly that she was pregnant and was not at the moment, also not pregnant. “It’s all such nonsense! I guess I gained a bit of weight – so went such talk, ” she explained. – Talked, talked and stopped. I wasn’t pregnant. There’s not much to comment on.” The TV star and her husband Basil Melanin would like to become parents, but in the near future, the assurances Badoeva, this will not happen.

      Жанна Бадоева заговорила о третьем ребенке

      About the possibility again to become a mother and to give beloved husband, with whom she has registered relations only recently, says Badoev willingly. The main traveler of the country is convinced that the baby did not change her life, and therefore fully ready to take this step. “I have two kids, and my life has not changed. I’m just different accents – sure Jeanne. – I think that my life will become even more rich and interesting. With the baby, of course, would be different. But it doesn’t scare me. I don’t know how to change my life. But I’m sure everything will be fine. Bad no one is for sure!”

      By the way, the star children are old enough – the eldest son Boris for 18 years, and daughter lolita 11. The heirs of a celebrity does not need constant monitoring and attention every second, but because it can afford to continue to work actively. By the way, in those periods when Badoev flies to the other end of the world to appear in another television project, her caring husband spends time with the children. Leading rating the show infinitely grateful to the beloved for what he assumes the part of her worries. The son and daughter of the stars got along great with my husband and mom and even consider him a good friend.

      “I like the way they grow near Basil – Jeanne admitted in an interview with “TV”. – I come – and at home I have three perfectly adequate adults”.

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