Zhanna badoeva has ceased to follow their diet

Жанна Бадоева перестала следить за своим питанием
TV presenter admitted that he allows himself to buns and croissants.

Photo: photo from the personal archive of Joan Badoeva

Zhanna badoeva admitted that like most women, starts to struggle with their weight only when it appears. “There comes a time when I can’t get into your favorite dress — says TV presenter. — This means that I deprive myself of sweets, delicious pastries and bread, which I love. But all this does not last long, pounds that prevent me from wearing beautiful things, go quickly.”

The work of Jeanne travels frequently, so that no proper and regular nutrition can be considered. The only thing that can be attributed to the observance of rules of healthy eating — badoeva not eat anything fatty, just because he does not like. “I try to eat meat, fish, vegetables, — says Zhanna. — Allow myself a muffin and a croissant only if you are at home in Italy. (A few years ago, Jeanne was married to businessman Vasily Melnychyn and moved to Italy with the children Lolita and Boris. — Approx. ed.) And in other countries, I can easily refuse this, because there are not so good. Due to the fact that we have no fixed schedule and sometimes afford to eat normally difficult, a burden in a bag dried fruit and nuts. This is a healthy, wholesome snack. I never don’t have buns, chocolate. But there is always a bottle of water, I drink a lot”.

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