Жанна Бадоева объяснила, как сохранить отношения после развода The presenter shared his personal experience. Zhanna badoeva was able to make friends with ex-spouses – with Igor, and Alan Kurachenko by Buzaevym. According to celebrity, people break up in order to present to each other claims.

41-year-old TV presenter Joan badoeva married to businessman Vasiliy by Melnichny. Celebrity refers to those women who managed to maintain friendly relations with former lovers.

Recently Jeanne has shared with journalists advice on how to achieve such harmony. Answering the question correspondents, the star emphasized that she loves to give advice. In recognition Badoeva, “no program preserve friendly relations”. As noted by a celebrity to make enemies – not in her nature. Those people with whom the woman is unpleasant to deal themselves disappear from her life.

“It is foolish to think those women who have children from former men that these men can permanently get rid of. If you have a child you are bound for life. And probably very silly to fight or hold a grudge. Divorce, I think the fact there is no more to sort things out. People get divorced to no longer have each other no complaints. After that perceive their former spouse as an individual, I respect him for his pros, not allowed in his personal space and all,” shared Jeanne.

As a result, he believes it is leading, the child has both parents, who can normally communicate with each other. However, their heir to grow up a healthy person with a stable psyche, told Badoev. Star believes that the status of children depends on what I feel adults.

Add that Zhanna badoeva is the mother of 19-year-old Boris and 12-year-old Lolita. As noted by a celebrity, they grew quickly. This year the son of a celebrity finishes school in Italy. After receiving the certificate of heir to the stars plans to enter the theater Institute.

As for Lolita, she is still receiving secondary education. Girl loves to draw and study at art school. Despite her young age, her daughter Jeanne had already held the first exhibition. “Her style is hard to describe. For example, this year they wrote a self-portrait: half you, half some kind of animal” – these words Badoev described the work of the successor.

During a recent conversation with journalists the celebrity also shared that she loves spending time with children. On weekdays, Jeanne prefers to have dinner with Boris and Lolita, and weekend those who regularly travel with their parents on nature. “And you can just walk the dogs. And be sure to follow the tradition to go to Breakfast at my favourite bar, drink coffee with croissants” – quoted Badoev edition of “mothers and Daughters”.