Земфира получила травму во время концерта в Берлине The singer injured his foot by jumping in the crowd of fans near the stage. Zemfira will take time to recover the injured knee. Tour vocalist provides a pause. The next performance of the rock stars will be held on November 3 in the United Arab Emirates.

      Singer Zemfira, which this year celebrated its fortieth anniversary, continues their Grand world tour with a show called “Little people”. During the tour, the rock star gave more than twenty concerts in Russia and abroad. The wife of Leonid Parfenov criticized the concert Zemfira

      During the speeches is not without incidents. So, at the concert in Berlin Zemfira got a pretty serious injury. Wanting to impress the admiring her tremendous power of fans, the singer decided to show his signature trick. She jumped from the stage into the crowd of fans. But in the rush of emotions and feelings a popular rock singer was careless and hurt my knee. However, the mood of Zemfira is not spoiled. She got up on stage and thanked the audience for the warm welcome. Recovery time the singer is. Following her presentation will be held on November 3. Zemfira looking forward to her fans living in the United Arab Emirates.

      It is worth noting that the people of Berlin and guests of the capital of Germany who came to Friday night in one of the largest concert halls of this city “Tempodrom”, was delighted with the performances of Zemfira. In social networks a lot of video from the show “Little people,” placing that fans of the singer to thank her for her enchanting programme and sincerity.

      Eyewitnesses claim that she Zemfira was in a good mood. It is possible that the mood she raised a touching incident that happened during the concert. On the right hand of the vocalist during the performance landed ladybug.

      “Ladybug! – announced Zemfira hall, with amazement looking at an insect on her arm. – Wow!”

      By the way, due to the fact that Zemfira is often risk of injury during the concert, she had a disagreement with her friend, film Director Renata Litvinova. In a recent interview to the program “Evening Urgant” star said that Renata was not supported by her trick with the boat in which she sits during some performances. The fact that swimming tool from hand to hand pass the audience in the hall.

      “The first concert I saw the boat first, and for me it was amazing, – said the singer. – I understand that it will be at the second concert, and decided that I would sit in it and float. I swam, Renata Litvinova made a comment to me why I got into the boat, as if it was so intended by the Directors.”