Zemfira told how the crowd chooses to which to jump

Земфира рассказала, как выбирает толпу, в которую прыгнуть

The singer came on the air the popular show “Evening Urgant”.

Zemfira Ramazanova no fan of journalists, does not like TV programs and interviews. One day, after a conversation with Posner in his show, the singer even regretted it and called the interview “epicfail”.

Therefore, the appearance of the idol of hundreds of thousands of fans of the TV show “Evening Urgant” was a big surprise. However, there is a reason – immediately after the Friday edition of the evening show on the First channel will show a solo concert of Zemfira in the “Olympic”, the end of the concert tour, the “Little man”.

Introducing the guest of the program, Ivan Urgant with awe in his voice when he admitted that he loves the creativity of the singer and watching him with the youth. And if I hadn’t left in time from St. Petersburg to Moscow on TV, it probably would have worked in the fan club Zemfira.

And then Urgant decided to ask the younger generation what they know about Zemfira, under the heading “the View from below”. And then it turned out that the kids think the word “Zemfira” name sweetness (“it’s such samvirke”). Still they think that “ravens-Muscovite” is such big Moscow neighbors, and the boys wished the sign “no Smoking”.

Finally in the Studio appeared she Zemfira. In a stylish black jacket and tattered black jeans, she immediately said that it aired on TV – “big stress”. But later located to the Urgant said that loved to jump into the crowd. “30 seconds before the jump, I choose a very tight series, they have nowhere to step aside, they can not, in principle,” she explained.

Then, with the singer found out that the music is divided into “running” and “nelegalnu”. So, Zemfira someone admitted that running in the gym to her music. The singer Jogging and fitness, but to your music it makes it impossible.

When talking about the filming of the concert movie “Little man”, Zemfira has asked for the floor and sincerely thanked the team of the TV channel who worked with her. It turned out that the film was made by a countryman of Zemfira, a native of Bashkiria and the Director of the project “the Voice” Ildus Kormalev. He even said Zemfira, the first time I made the shot of the singer many years ago for the “up To sixteen and over” and since then wanted to work again with her. Zemfira was very pleased with the joint work of Russian and compared the crew with German professionals.