Zemfira surprised feminine way

Земфира удивила женственным образом

The rock singer won her fans beauty and femininity.

With all due respect to the work of the legendary singer Zemfira, it is necessary to admit that the femininity is not her strong point. However, the last picture on the page of the singer proves she can be a perfect lady when you want.

Fans noted that although the singer is still a short cut, but it looks gentle and attractive. Light makeup has always been her face, and nice smile. Fans immediately crumbled in compliments.

The reason for this transformation was a normal holiday. Zemfira finally able to relax, in the company of his closest friend, film Director and actress Renata Litvinova, she went on the coast of Italy.

We will remind, not so long ago the actress announced the end of his career, the fans do not cease to hope that their favorite will change your mind.

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