Земфира жестко высказалась о творчестве Монеточки и Гречки
The legend of Russian rock criticized the rising stars of the local scene.

Photo: Facebook

Zemfira Ramazanova rarely appears in the Network, are extremely reluctant to publish his thoughts and a fresh photo, but by this hysteria about rising stars of the Russian platform for intellectuals could not pass.

Before expressing an opinion, a legend of Russian rock became acquainted with the work of singers with aliases Monetochka and Buckwheat, which are now collected huge halls and millions of views in Runet.

“Speak — wrote Zemfira on social media. — Buckwheat — very bad. Horrible voice and looks. Is difficult to perceive — not able to sing, the lyrics are not convinced, well, very ugly. Monetochka — great lyrics ! Looks fine, unlike Buckwheat. But the voice is disgusting. Vocal timbre — the same instrument. If it is pleasant, you can sing nonsense. Example: Zhanna Aguzarova. Good luck to both!”

Fans of Zemfira negatively reacted to such open criticism of the singer. Some have even suggested that the page zemy got hacked and her name was written this “scathing” post. Zemfira know people personally in this way, I doubt it. They argue that the “legend” has always been a very strict man and not afraid to offend anyone, just expressed my point of view for any reason. And especially never forgave anyone of incompetence.

“If I don’t like the look people, I say I don’t like — as if to confirm I wrote the following post Zema. — Play music millions of people. “Lookism” — a terrible word. There are those who I like, and there are those who don’t like it. You don’t like me? Shit”.