Земфира отпраздновала юбилей в компании друзей The singer went for a walk on the Moscow river. At the gala evening Zemfira invited their friends. The guests were photographed on the deck of a yacht. Fans took the opportunity through the microblogging friends of the actress congratulated her with birthday.

      Today his birthday celebrates the popular singer Zemfira. More than 17 years, her songs resonate in the hearts of millions of fans across the country. Despite this popularity and interest among the public, the artist doesn’t put his personal life on display.

      In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary, Zemfira gathered his closest friends. Together they went for a walk along the Moscow river. Among the guests was her friend Renata Litvinova, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Natalya Surkova and others. Judging by the photos, the occasion of the actress in a warm friendly atmosphere. Women are dressed in elegant outfits and with pleasure were photographed on the deck of a yacht.

      “Zemfira, happy birthday!” – Bondarchuk wrote in microblogging, and published a picture in which she hugs the birthday girl.

      Fans have also sent warm words to the beloved singer. They wished her success. “Congratulations best singer in the world! With great admiration, respect and love!” “Infinitely deep, infinite child. Long, long she lives!”, “Thanks for the photo, as I wanted to see her today! Send Zemfira congratulations! Let him be happy our singer! Take care and no one give. Love and miss wildly!” – posted by fans of creativity of the artist.

      Zemfira often spends time in the company of his friends. Not long ago, the artist traveled to Italy. After the tour she decided to spend time with Natalia Surkova and her children. They were joined by Renata Litvinova with her daughter Ulyana. The girl took part in the filming of the picture of his mother. Renata Litvinova and Zemfira back a long way. According to friends, the actress and the Director instilled a sense of taste singer.

      The truth about Zemfira: why she lives in an empty apartment and who prepares cheesecakes

      “Zemfira – not a fan of things, and by and large she doesn’t care what she’s wearing. And with a taste misfortune. Externally, it transformed with Nastya Kalmanovich and Renata Litvinova, who had a hand in her style. She cares more about other things. Remember how excited Zemfira was looking for a amplifier for the bass. Ordered it from London, and when received it was happy as a child”, – told “StarHit” Leonid Burlakov.

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