Земфира может стать персоной нон-грата в Украине

For disrespect to the flag of the Ukrainian authorities can make of the Russian singer Zemfira to the list of people banned from entering Ukraine. A petition posted by the activists on the website of the official representative of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Recall that during the concert in Vilnius, the Ukrainian Zemfira has asked fans not to wave the yellow-blue flag and remove it. Several times politely turning to the audience, but not seeing a response, the singer used the Russian indefinite article “BL..”, again asking to remove the flag. Fans-holders flag it, and they demonstratively left the auditorium.
After a few minutes in the Internet appeared the video cuts with the statement Zemfira to address unruly spectators.
“As you know, at the concert in Vilnius Zemfira reacted negatively to the fans raised the Ukrainian flag. Seeing the banner, the singer showed the middle finger and swearing put — I ask you, BL**, remove this flag” — reads the petition activists. They require to make Zemfira in the so-called “black list” and be banned from entering the country for five years.
It is noteworthy that the protection of the Russian singer got some of her Ukrainian colleagues, people from the world of show business, and the Ukrainian spectators who attended the concert in Vilnius. They believe this situation is far-fetched, because really everything was a little different, but a story about “evil Russian artist” was presented offended-wavers, are just put in place. Let’s see whether the petition is gaining the necessary number of votes or common sense will prevail.

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