Зейн Малик о дружбе с бывшими коллегами по One Direction и Джиджи Хадид

Relationship, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik can not be called cloudless, and recently, the network appeared information about the preferences of the singer: whether it’s during a break from Hadid he “had fun” with the girl weight. This time the actor will answer the public questions in the December issue of British Vogue.

Зейн Малик о дружбе с бывшими коллегами по One Direction и Джиджи Хадид

Despite all the “problems” in relations Zane loves Gigi and said in an interview that he likes the girl. “We’re just peachy! Gigi is very organized, and I was the complete opposite. She constantly helps me not to forget anything, all the time, plan my time correctly. I can totally rely on it”.

In 2015 popular boysband One Directin collapsed. Despite the sadness of fans, the breakup was for the best. For example, Harry styles is now at its peak. All were skeptical of Zane’s desire to start a solo career, but soon the doubters took back his words. Malik has achieved great success and is now one of the most sought after artists. During the existence of the group of guys became very close and forced the fans to believe in pure friendship. Even something as Zane talked about friendship forever, but soon changed his mind. Now with Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall with his Hornom nothing in common. The artist was very hurt by the words of his colleagues, who said after his departure. “Actually, I was always a little aloof, in his own world. I don’t like close to interact with lots of people. Since I left the band, we never spoke, to be honest. Those things and words that happened and was told after I left… Short, ugly… I did not expect”.

By the way, Malik is constantly changing. Now if he says about attachment to Gigi, had not wanted to burden yourself with “labels”. “I’m really grateful that I met her… We are adults. Our relations don’t need any shortcuts, and we don’t want to follow someone else’s expectations. When I recorded my first solo album, I was angry at the whole world, was a difficult period. But Gigi helped me to look at it from a positive side.”

We will remind, earlier in mass media there was information that during the break with Gigi he used girls for sex. Masseuse Enrica of Petrogal recently reported that her Zane was having an affair during a break in a relationship with Gigi. The singer often had a girl in their apartment in new York. The masseuse told the publication the Sun that in a week after breaking up Zane has sex with her. She said that the singer is a fan of “big butts”. So why he then went back to Gigi? Playing with “big Asses”?

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