Зейн Малик отписался от Джиджи Хадид и ее родных в инстаграме после расставания

22-year-old Gigi Hadid and 25-year-old Zayn Malik decided to finish my novel and wrote each other warm words. The musician told fans that despite the breakup, still in love with the model as a person and considers her a friend. Despite these words, Zane decided not to hurt, looking at pictures of the former in your feed of instagram. He unsubscribed from Gigi, her sister Bella and their mother Yolanda.

Зейн Малик отписался от Джиджи Хадид и ее родных в инстаграме после расставания

Zane chose not to chat with Gigi and her friends in the social network, but your photos are not deleted. The model and her mom still think Malik virtual friend and not have to unsubscribe from him. Maybe they just haven’t seen changes in the number of subscribers, because their number is constantly changing. But my sister is Gigi — Bella immediately decided to cross all ties with Zane and removed it from subscriptions.

Recall that the sad news about the breakup the couple announced through messages on Twitter. “Jiji was incredibly tender and cheerful attitude. I respect and love her as a woman and friend,” wrote Zane.

Зейн Малик отписался от Джиджи Хадид и ее родных в инстаграме после расставания
11 minutes after recording ex-boyfriend, Gigi wrote his explanation: “Message about the breakup often seem impersonal because it is impossible to describe with words that, together, have experienced two people. Eternally grateful for the love, time, and the lessons we shared with Zane.”

But recently, the boys appeared together and showed their love. Recall, 12 January the pair has come together to celebrate the birthday of Zayn Malik. Former member of the band One Direction, and now solo singer Zane was 25 years old, after which, the lovers staged a stylish themed party.

The dress code has turned out so very thematic. Zane and Gigi were dressed in black suits, adorning outfits original sunglasses. We can say that Malik was in the image of Neo from the cult film “the Matrix”, and Hadid reincarnated as his companion Trinity. Model and singer, saw a special charm to the costume party, and not infrequently they are satisfied.

The guys have been together for over two years. According to rumors, Gigi and Zane build serious plans for the future. “I love this man more than I can Express with words. I am inspired by his desire to get better every day. Your year, my Zane, a very happy birthday and a year of your life! Proud to be your mate,” he congratulated her then boyfriend model.

Who came up with the theme of the party is not known, but the fact that Hadid is not just assisted your boyfriend is the fact. Zayn Malik followed in the footsteps of his former lover Gigi Hadid, and joined the famous brands to create capsule collections. A former member of One Direction offered cooperation Giuseppe Zanotti and Versace Versus. With this, he needed help girlfriends. In an interview with The Sunday Times Style, 23-year-old singer confessed that his 21-year-old girlfriend helped him to create these footwear collection. Especially because she already had experience of cooperation with brands Tommy Hilfiger and Stuart Weitzman in the Shoe industry. “G helped me with the design for Zanotti. She is a true artist, very creative Creator,” said Zane.
Hadid also helped Malik with his campaign, Versus Versace. She has personally conducted a survey, which was attended by Zane and her girlfriend, Adwoa AAA. The capsule collection of the brand will be available only in June this year.