Zayn Malik mistakenly made the “face of African Americans”

Зейна Малика по ошибке сделали «лицом афроамериканцев»

British singer Zayn Malik, a former member of the band One Direction, was recently mistakenly called African-American.

23-year-old singer, whose father is British-Pakistani and mother an Englishwoman who converted to Islam after the wedding, was included in the list of African Americans in the post dedicated to the celebration of Black History Month. This special event which honours the legacy of black citizens, honored for their achievement and contribution to the development of cultural diversity.

In addition to Zane in this list was also a politician Sadiq Khan.

This mistake was made by workers at the University of Kent. After just a few hours after the publication of the list, representatives apologized to Malik and Khan, noting that this was done unintentionally and not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.