Зейн Малик оправдывается перед Джиджи Хадид за «измену» с Селеной Гомес

Without knowing it, publicly arguing Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez threatened of relationship Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid. Going to the person during an argument, the canadian singer has hinted at an affair between the former girlfriend and artist of One Direction. Had Zane to communicate with his beloved.

“The only woman in the life of Zane is Gigi, and he told her, vowing that between him and Selena Gomez never had anything. Zane thinks all these rumors about infidelity funny and stupid video with Selena just friends” — the sources said. Well, it’s Malik thinks so. Selena in an interview, said that if Zane had asked her out, she would agree.
“Joke. Or not a joke” — said Selena, thus making the intrigue in his attitude.
Recall that the public showdown with fans and Selena, forced Justin Bieber to delete your account from Instagram.

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