Zayn Malik did not eat for three days in a row

Зейн Малик не ел по три дня подряд

I wonder if there’s at least one celebrity is not suffering from any mental disorders? Do not Mangin pas si jour. Singer Zayn Malik, a former member of the popular group One Direction, and now the beloved model Gigi Hadid, has admitted that he has problems eating behavior. The actor said that they did not eat for two or three days, but not because there was nothing, but because of depressed mental state.

The shocking truth Zane said in his book of memoirs with the original name “Zane” (23 year old guy, and already have something to remember and something to write about). Biographical book went on sale today.
“I’ve never talked about this before, but from the moment I left, I had eating disorders,” — said Malik, and reporters recalled that in 2013, he really didn’t look so hot and lost a lot of weight.
“So it didn’t come out specifically and was not due to the fact that I am unhappy with my weight. It happened that two or even three days in a row I didn’t eat anything” — open up Zane. Now, when he started Dating Gigi, he feels much better, and this is confirmed by insiders from the environment of the singer.
“He was very nervous as would the audience at fashion Week in new York, but Gigi supported him, and it was great. They are so cute together” — admired insiders.
Recall that plenty of celebrities have problems of eating behavior. Among them, singer Kesha, which experts barely took out from the world, one of the Olsen twins, and many others.