Зара рассказала, как живет сын умершей Стеллы Барановской The singer has visited our family actress Stella Baranovskaya. The actress said that the baby is dead girl friend is now with her grandmother, Larissa, and yearns for his mother. Stella died last fall from leukemia.
Зара рассказала, как живет сын умершей Стеллы Барановской

The share of actress Stella Baranovskaya took many tests. She grew up with her mother, without a father, her boyfriend persuaded her to have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant, and did not recognize the child, and when on the eve of 2016, she found out he had cancer, he left all alone alone with my problem. She told people about her illness. A young woman was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Later she had friends who helped her. Among them famous people – Anfisa Chekhov, Lera Kudryavtseva, singer Zara. They supported a young woman in a difficult minute. Stella was fighting for his life struggles, but the disease was stronger. In early September, Stella Baranovskaya did not, she was only 32 years old.

Anfisa Chekhov was trying to rescue a sick cancer Stella Baranovskaya

Her six year old son Danny was an orphan. However, a friend of the deceased Baranovskaya has not forgotten about the boy. As promised, they are interested in the fate of the child and visit him.

Singer Zara congratulated Danny and his grandmother Larisa a happy holidays. The actress posted a photo in Instagram and wrote a touching post.

“I am often asked about the Child, the son of Stella Baranovskaya. Today I met up with him and his grandmother Larisa, to congratulate them happy New year. Grandma talked a lot about her grandson and, of course, about Stella. I see that the Child grows big well done: walking in a garden, engaged in theatre Studio, karate, swimming and very good draws. Trying not to upset the grandmother and helps her around. Sure sure Stella would be proud of his son. In Danya so much energy, he is open to new things and very inquisitive. Often asks about my mother. Now he knows for sure that mom is in heaven and she will be back, but now she has a lot of work. After all, the angels work harder than anyone else, that we, the people lived happier and calmer,” wrote Zara.

The singer was supported by subscribers, they expressed admiration of her generosity and attention. Zara told his fans that he gave to the son of Stella Baranovskaya gifts from their children, and they are very waiting for a friend to visit. “My dear, appreciate every moment allotted to us by fate…don’t waste time on grudges and squabbles, learn to forgive and appreciate each other. Life is sometimes amazingly unfair and fleeting. Take care of each other!” – concluded his message Zara.

Friends Stella Baranovskaya can’t deal with her death