Zara suffered from actions of swindlers

Зара пострадала от действий мошенников
Some time ago, microblogging popular singer and member of “factory of stars” Zara was hacked.

Зара пострадала от действий мошенников

The hackers changed the password to the Instagram of the star and began posting questionable posts.

Relatives of the singer told Dawn about what happened.

And finally, the star was able to get access to his page.

“My dear, good day! A few days ago my “Instagram” was hacked. All this time my name had corresponded with you and have posted questionable posts. I apologize for the content of these publications. Now the account restored, thanks to my caring fans. I thank all the artists, friends, all of you who were worried about me, called, helped,” said the celebrity.

Zara pleases its fans with new publications.

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