Зара вспомнила о тяжелой жизни на "Фабрике звезд"
Popular singer Zara today is a very popular artist, but fame came to her after participating in the sensational project “Factory of stars”.

Зара вспомнила о тяжелой жизни на "Фабрике звезд"

In “My hero” of Tatiana Ustinova, the singer remembered what life was like in the star house. On the TV show everything was very strict and it was necessary to fulfill all requirements.

Зара вспомнила о тяжелой жизни на "Фабрике звезд"

“I can honestly say that there was really hard. We talked to the parents for two minutes a day. Someone had depression, but was and creative impulse. Why did I go? Because St. Petersburg was already the edge. And I realized: I need to move on. At first, I was not speaking for the project. I was sitting on a bench in a t-shirt with the words “Factory” and clapped for the other kids who sang on stage. Then it was a strong room with a chorus of Turkish, with Philip Kirkorov, Sofia Mikhailovna Rotaru. Each output us price was like the last time,” said Zara.

In the end, “idol” gave impetus to the artist, which after, the show began to invite to concerts.

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